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  1. When I first got my Sierra Denali, I bought a Predator. I liked what it did and I liked that I could "un-do" what it did, if I ever had to take the truck to the dealer. Prior to getting a Blackbear Tune, I even defended the Predator some in different threads on here. AFTER getting a Blackbear Tune, it was night and day difference.. I really liked my Predator until I was able to get a full Blackbear Tune on my truck. After that, I developed a good bit of disdain for the Predator and the empty promises of TCM support for the 6-speed transmissions in the half-ton trucks. If the choice is Predator or Blackbear, don't even waste your time thinking about the Predator. The best money I sent on performance related mods for my truck was on the Blackbear Tune.
  2. Like Robert said, I didn't read it all, but got the jist of it... Congrats!
  3. MY truck doesn't have AFM... But one would think it's more cost effective for GM to build a "generic" trip computer for all vehicles...or am I mistaken? I mean, the screen in the nbs looks the same as the one in the Impala....it's just the options what change... I don't know... I'm pretty sure it's the same computer. For whatever reason, they just decided to not support instant MPG on the non-AFM GMT-900 pickups. As I said before, I have no idea why... All of the data is there. But, for some reason, they decided to select "OFF" for that feature, instead of "ON."
  4. After I bought my Sierra Denali, back in 2007, I was told that GM doesn't do the "instant" MPG reading on non-AFM trucks. I have no idea why they don't.. or didn't.. Does your 4.8L in your '09 have AFM?
  5. You mean the Mexican Made ones? I thought about asking if they were Colombian Made, with real cocaine... But, I figured your reaction to the Mexican Made remark would give me a good idea as to whether your's had sugar or something more... 'stimulating'.
  6. You mean the Mexican Made ones?
  7. I've ordered from them a couple times, always with fast shipping and good service. Same here. I've never had a problem with them and delivery has always been pretty fast.
  8. Brewing some tea, right now..
  9. Nice write-up, Page! They don't fit my tastes, but it is nice to finally see some aftermarket taillights for the GMT-900 Sierras! Keith : I don't think anyone hopes to "gain" anything by stating an opinion... What do you hope to gain by trying to get people to not express their opinion..??
  10. Not exactly a wagon, but close enough...
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