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  1. Up for sale is a new set of custom headlights built by Primo Dynamic Lighting. Color Chasing bluetooth RGB Demon eyes and Rings. High beams replaced with RGB Led Cubes. I will include the H1 4500K Morimoto HID bulbs as well. Awesome build just sold the truck before I had a chance to put them in. First 650 Shipped takes them! You can't build this set for this price! Hit me up with any questions. Will gladly send video and pics via phone!
  2. hey rampage dont sweat the crank re learn, its no biggy at all. The dealer shouldnt charge you, if they are decent. It literally takes less than 3 minutes. I know some dealer's will charge for everything but just ask them and maybe they will hook you up! I just pulled up to the service door, the asst manager came out, hooked it up to the tec h 2, went to the crank re learn under special test, banged the rev limiter a couple times and done! thats it! Just fyi the Genisys scan tool doesnt work. I am a tech at a ford dealership and tried using it but according to gm tech line only the tech 2 works or the efi live stuff!
  3. what a huge improvement with the black bear tune! I had justin do my tune and keep it 87 octane. We removed 75% tranny torque management and all of the engine torque management and went the step up from stock on shift firmness. What an amazing difference! The truck's driveability is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better and the minute you stomp on the gas it goes!! Keep in mine is an 87 octane tune, just imagine going with a 93 tune or such!! Very happy! I had the diablo before hand and just didnt really notice anything at all with it. The main reason I had it was to disable dod. Go black bear all the way! Best bet is fork over the 420 and you will get a new ecm and tcm that is tuned and plugs right in( you just need to get a crank re learn done at the dealer with the tech 2, takes less than 3 minutes!) Let justin know if you are military for a discount
  4. there is a gm tsb that states that up to a quart of oil burnt between 3k miles is normal I run valvoline durablend 5w30 and change it every 3k, I do not burn a drop of oil and I tow my 6x10 trailer every weekend riding mx. I have 50k on my nbs silverado as well, 2007 1500 5.3 diablo tuned with the dod shut off
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