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  1. without reading the posts above- do not buy a predator. junk. barely feel difference- bad customer service and i'm sure everyone will tell you- you pay for options that are not available yet. TCM support is not available but they will keep telling you any second now. i have a predator i ordered in 2007, every so often updates are available online, in which i update- but lately found out that my device is older and cannot update to new releases of these updates cuz the files are too large? they want to me to pay for shipping the device to them so that they can charge me $100 extra dollars to update my device. (thats after paying $400 for the predator in 2007) i emailed them and they are ignoring me. so basically- i paid for a predator which should have included TCM but didnt, they say for last 3 years will be available shortly, and now even if it was available tomorrow i cannot update my device cuz its too old (unless i pay them $100+). doesn't seem fair.
  2. 2009 GMC Sierra - CM7

    2009 GMC Sierra SLE EXT CAB 4x4, leather Duraliner bedliner Predator Programmer power sunroof Volant Cool air intake AT Grille
  3. Red Truck Club!

    checking in with sonoma red! havent used the wifes camera to take any pics so my cruddy camera phone sig pic will have to do!
  4. Silly String

    +1. i commute to boston every weekday and nearly daily i will find dunkin donuts trash in the bed, bags, empty booze bottles, a sock once...pennies.... a homeless man once.. (that was a fun day..."excuse me, are u ok? yea? u are, good, NOW GET THE EFF outta my bed !!!" IF I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN NEAR MY TRUCK...I'LL...)
  5. i'd start with some normal maintenance, fuel/air / oil filter, check plugs. check for proper air pressure in tires. then u can get a diablo predator hand held tuner for about 3 bills that can help out about 1-3 mpg depending if u run 93 or 87 octane plus get some more power out of her. plus a cold air performance intake may help. but if u dont need a truck that big maybe getting a 5.3 willbe your best choice. those 4.10's and 285's arent helping your quest at all... 14 mpg might be a lil out of sight.
  6. Past Rides (CM1-CM4)

    my old rides: 2006 Silverado LT1 (Traded in for 2007 Sierra) (CM4) 2005 Silverado (totalled) (CM3) 2001 Silverado LT (traded in for 2007 Silverado) (CM2) 1988 K3500 (traded in for 2001 Silverado) (CM1) 1985 K5 Blazer Diesel. (it was my Dad's, then older brother's which I drove briefly)
  7. 2007 Silverado (CM5)

    2007 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ VMAX 4X4
  8. 2007 Silverado (CM5) & 2007 Sierra (CM6)

    2007 Silverado (CM5) & 2007 Sierra (CM6)
  9. 2007 GMC SIERRA (CM6)

    2007 GMC SIERRA SLE 4X4 Crew Cab
  10. 1988 Chevrolet K3500 reg cab long bed. 5.7l. deluxe two tone Black & Silver had approx 153,000 miles- (Silverado trim) loved the truck. (wish i still had her) owned it up from 1996 until 2001 (my dad was nice enough to give it to me) it was a reg cab long bed. not much room in the cab...things were starting to go. decided it wasnt worth all that it needed to get it up and running. got my first job and traded her in for a ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado LT ext cab z71 fully loaded 5.3l mighnight blue metallic. one of the nicer trucks i owned. owned from 2001- 2007. approx 60,000. traded in for 2007 GMT 900. (see below) 2005 Chevrolet Silverado LS reg cab short bed z71 5.3l silver birch. decided to run two trucks. i am not comfortable in cars and i liek tahoe's but they are very expensive. im always using the pick up for something so i thought about getting another and i did. this one didnt have many options..used as a daily drive for boston traffic and work on wkds. very nice. wished it had 3.73 instead of 3.42. cheap plastic interior (dated interior by this time) seat squaked. interior rattled slightly. totalled it after 5,200 miles from avoiding deer and crashed thru mail box. there happened to be a tree stump (not ground down!) behind sed mailbox and my frame got wrapped around. extensive frame damage (my luck) insurance paid it off and i got a ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado reg cab short bed LT1 z71 5.3l sport red metallic. (still own, 22,000 miles) over the past year and half i have added a rear slider, sunroof, full console, step bars and many more options. i like it..cept it makes tons of noises! squeaks & rattles. not a huge fan of the cheap plastic interior. also i see that in a year or two a reg cab isnt practical. been lookign at tradign her in for a crew cab. 2007 gmt 900 Chevrolet Silverado ext cab 6.0 vmax silver birch loaded. (8,000 miles) sunroof, rear slider, ltz. love this truck! this isnt a daily driver, but i do drive it night and wkds when i can. just got it back from the shop as it was hit by a plow on driver side front fender. some ppl ask me why i have two pick ups, and some are asking why i want two 2007 gmt 900's. i dont necessarily need a pick up...i do use them as they are intended, but for a daily driver i dont need one. but it's personal preference. i love GM trucks.love the look, the way the drive and perfrom. my dad swore off chevy and went to dodge then ford. i seee his trucks and they have more problems then i had ever seen on my trucks (all my trucks were and are virtually trouble free. knock on wood!) my brother also went to the dark side (ford) and after 6,000 miles needed pistons 5 + 7 replaced.

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