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  1. So after some more troubleshooting steps, the issue is an internal relay in the fuse block itself. Gonna replace it this week!
  2. After months of not having reverse lights or a camera, we finally got around to diagnosing. Checked the wiring and traced it back. Determined that, although the fuses are in tact, there’s no power to the fuses when the truck is in reverse. I saw on another thread about a BCEM near the gas pedal, but it was an earlier year truck and didn’t match what I saw in my truck. Any suggestions on where to check next?
  3. Hey @th3magpi3 I sent you a PM inquiring about your services for my truck. Phone number is in the PM if it’s easier for you to call. Looking forward to chatting. Thanks!
  4. Now that the wonderful Florida summer heat has hit heat indices in the 110s, I'm having issues with my AC. I have started feeling vibration when my AC is on, and the vibration correlates with the fan speed. While checking it yesterday, the blower motor died (not sure if it was related, or a coincidence). It was a simple fix, so I replaced it and I have AC again, but am still feeling the vibration. Any idea as to what could be causing this? 2003 Silverado 1500 LS 4.8L Regular Cab Stepside
  5. Thanks. They're saying it was a bad sensor. Guess I'll find out for sure when I get it back in the morning.
  6. Amongst some other work, I had both knock sensors, harness, and the intake manifold replaced. Got the truck back today, and less than 100 miles later my engine light popped on. Before, I was getting codes for both knock sensors. Now I'm just getting a code for the second sensor. Just wanted to get some input as to what else may cause this before I bring it back to the mechanic tomorrow.
  7. Greetings, Had some pretty bad flooding here in Pensacola this past week, and I had the distinct pleasure of driving through some of it. Apparently my 2003 Silverado with about 207k miles didn't like that much water, and it's throwing two trouble codes: P0332 - Knock/Combustion Vibration Sensor 2 Circuit Low Bank 2 P0327 - Knock/Combustion Vibration Sensor 1 Circuit Low Bank 1 or Single Sensor What do these sensors do, how difficult are they to replace, and how urgent is it that they be replaced immediately? While they're being replaced, is there anything else that should be looked at? Thanks, as always!
  8. It ended up being the top caliper mounting bolt that came out, so the caliper was tilted forward and scraping the inside of the wheel well. Got it back on there and everything seems good to go. It wasn't driven very far once I noticed it, so no additional damage was done. Just wasn't sure if there was anything else I needed to look at. Thanks!
  9. Well I had an interesting sound come from my truck during the drive home a little while ago. Took a little bit to determine exactly what it was, but it appears the top bolt holding my rear brake caliper in place has come out. (I'm not 100% sure yet since I haven't taken the wheel off to look yet). The caliper/bracket is tilted forward, and the top is scraping the inside of my wheel well. When I look at this a little more in depth tomorrow morning, is there anything in particular I should be looking for?
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