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  1. Not hard to change, their are some youtube videos out there. I didn't drain the radiator, just took off the hoses and changed the assembly, and topped off the coolant. Mine did the same thing at 50k miles. 10mm socket and slip joint pliers, and common screwdriver for clamps
  2. Hello, I have a 2016 GMC Sierra SLT 4x4 crew cab w/ 5.3 I just turned 45,000 miles and started changing out fluids. So far I have changed front and rear diff fluid and transfer case fluid as those are the easiest for me to perform. I went to the dealer and got the fluids, so all GM product. I changed the transfer case fluid first since it was the easiest. 2 plugs that are easy to get to. On the fuel mileage screen I have seen an increase in MPG in city driving and now curious with the diff fluids changed how much more it might go up. The front was definitely dirty looking c
  3. My truck did not come with AA when I bought it brand new May 2016 . A few months later a software update was released for the nav unit and then I had it. If you call your dealer they can tell you if you can get it or not. Some didn't come with the hardware inside to take advantage of it. Mine is a factory nav SLT Hope it helps and you can get it. I use it all the time, its very handy!
  4. 1. No, no time and pretty happy with the way it currently is. 2. I would not buy cheaper, I read reviews and base a lot of purchasing decisions on them. 3. Looks has its place, depends on what is is. Example, if it is a cool light housing, but the light is dim and easily modified to put a brighter one in then probably buy to modify it and use it.
  5. It is a free update. Nice when your trial xm expires for traffic updates
  6. The dimmer still works like normal. No changes there. The windshield lets in a lot of sun and heat if not protected. The 3m really blocks the heat and harmful UV rays.
  7. So I have a 2016 SLT Sierra, it didn't come with the stock trailer brake controller. The one above the 4x4 control. Is it possible to buy the parts and add it in? The dealer wants to sell me a aftermarket one and install it under the dash.
  8. Polarized sunglasses are ok looking out the 3M brand. No issues. You can really tell the difference when windows up vs down.
  9. If you want to really block the UV rays from the sun and the solar heat, you want to ask for 3M crystalline tint. I have it in my truck and car all the way around with the CR 70 on the windshield and CR 40 on the sides. Look it up on Youtube to see how well it works. Here in Phoenix it gets hot and this is the ticket to help stay cool. Its more expensive than other tint, but its worth the investment.
  10. The color matches perfectly, the fit is great, they don't move around, and they look nice with the logo. I would say a must have item for your new truck. It is worth every penny to protect your investment and keep it looking good. I have had mine for a few months now and just as happy with them as day I installed them. I don't even notice the back seam anymore.
  11. I just picked up a front and rear set. The fit and color matches really good. I am impressed and happy with them so far. I have the cocoa/dune interior and the tan matches the carpet and looks good. Definitely recommend these.
  12. I mechanic friend of mine suggested putting a hose clamp on the right side pivot with the screw head facing down and inside. This is not to prevent the tailgate from getting stolen, it just slows them down. If they want it they will get it, its just how hard do you make it for them. I have not done this yet, but it seems like a good idea and the reasoning makes sense.
  13. Skytrekin

    2016 GMC Sierra

    Pictures of my new truck
  14. Thank you for all of this info, I have purchased this same truck and have about 700 miles on it. I have followed the break in by keeping it under 55 mph (mostly) and haven't really noticed any harsh shifting up or down. But I am happy to read with some miles on it this is possible, and their is a fix for it. I am amazed at all the technology these trucks have in them now. This is my first new truck in about 15 years. I love the styling of the GMC vs Chevy. I am happy with all the tech gadgets and comforts, but still remains a truck.
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