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    Old cars, old trucks, working on old cars and trucks, landscaping, buying car parts and learning. Customizing my 60's lead sled right now, and use my '84 Sierra with 8" lift for a cruiser to work and the occasional mud hole down the street. Attend as many local car shows as possible in my dad's '67 Buick Skylark Coupe. Now I have a fleet of 60's Lincolns including a 66 coupe and 64 Continental convertible!

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  1. Where is around here? We get ice and snow. Mostly what I'm concerned about it wet pavement and ice/snow weather thanks
  2. I have a stock height 2006 sierra extended can 4x4 with factory 20" wheels. Not a z71. Tryin to find a good LT all terrain tire that is good in winter and on wet roads. I live in Pittsburgh PA so snow and ice conditions for a few months. Rest of the year is pavement, light off road, but I tow about 8,000 lbs maybe 8,000 miles a year (old 60s suicide door Lincolns). I need a tire that can wear well and strong. My current cooper zeon LTZ wore quick once I towed more. I put 42 psi on rears when towing (usually 500-700 miles). Any recommendations for winter and wet tried and t
  3. I sold it about 9 years ago. I kept the badass roll bar though.
  4. Yeah please shoot me a price. Would you ship them at my expense? 16066. I have a FedEx account you can use if you want. Thank you
  5. I have a 2010 Denali with 22" wheels that are corroding I need a new set hoping to find them with tires, new take offs. Don't care what vehicle they came off of. Escalade is fine too, Denali, Tahoe, all considered. Thank you 412.463.9167 text pics or post them here, I can pay shipping no problem. I am in Pittsburgh and travel all over so I can pick up too possibly. -John
  6. I am just going to cut it, flare it and add a small hose with clamps to connect the two ends...done with this stupid 1 piece set up.
  7. I had it off already, just trying to get the new one back on. The lower cooler line is the tricky one goes into the lower radiator.
  8. I have leaky lines so I replaced the lower and upper trans coolant lines on my 2006, 4x4, 5.3. I cannot for the life of me get the lower lines installed! I gave up trying to get the old one out and broke it to get it off. New one goes in all the way but I can't rotate it to get it into position. driving me nuts! I don't have a lift so that might be the issue is I cant get it positioned on the correct downward angle. I hit the ground...I dunno but its driving me nuts. Got the upper in no problem. I have tried installing from back and front and just wont rotate; gets stuck...any tricks o
  9. my 2010 Yukon has power to the right side defroster, not the left. When I jumper the right side directly to the left side it works. Must be the wiring; but is there a relay for the left side only? Fuse? or something? Can't really figure out why the two are not wired together. I followed the wire and the left side seems to follow the right side harness down into the tail gate. The right side goes into the cabin at the top of the door so they are not connected. Is this some safety feature that the door must be down for it to work? I did recently repair the small connector that is glue
  10. I have a 2010 Yukon Denali short wheelbase AWD. I bought it hoping it would be a tank for towing my old cars which are 60's Lincoln Continentals. I towed once with it using a Uhaul and the car weighed about 5,100 lbs. plus the trailer (guessing 2,200 lbs). The tongue weight was too much and the trailer swayed plus the 40mph winds that day. Luckily I was able to take it nearby to a friends house to store it. I have a 9 hour trip planned from Pittsburgh to Raleigh, NC. Has anyone else towed 7-8,000 lbs with a half ton SUV on a long trip? Especially using a Uhaul car hauler (2 axle tr
  11. Well it poured and noticed my passenger side seat was wet,then the roof panel, all the way down the door post. 2006 sierra extended cab with sunroof. Might it be a clogged sunroof drain? The cap that covers the B Post top latch bar was full of water. It wet half way between the edge of headliner and the sunroof. Pulled the grab handles, A post cover, and the door gasket on top. Didn't see any Drip from the drain I could see. Any usual areas to look at if this is a common issue??? Thank you
  12. 2006 Sierra 1500 4x4 5.3 L33 88,000 might Engine light is on solid, no problems running at all codes P0030 P0053 came up at Pepboys. Wondering if I should get it checked for damage beyond the Co2 sensor itself. If I replace a $107 sensor and it goes bad again it's something else. What might this be though? Not sure which code is bank 1 sensor and not sure what the other is. Thank you.
  13. Is there any help on the issue of cracked dashes? My 2010 Yukon Denali is cracked by air bag and instrument cluster. This is typical and I was offered $231.29 for replacement but it should be covered as a defective product. GM dropped the ball on this; $60,000 suv looks like hell now. This is all while I had a collapsed lifter, 2 corroding 22" wheels that won't hold air, broken stabilizer end link, and pealing interior handle levers! Not to mention painted buttons on climate control are flaking off. Cracked dash is a huge safety concern; is there any help of advice to have this repl
  14. Thanks. That was checked initially when it was under 36,000 miles and everything was good. Not sure I want to pay another GM garage to check it. Seems the local guys can't check for alignment; I've asked. Thanks. I can try to make sure the PS is on but it's never been off.
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