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  1. Unfortunately I did not find any codes to clear. Anyone know if this looks normal in regards to ride height sensors?
  2. I just replaced all four shocks on my wife's 2016 Yukon Denali XL and it is still riding like crap. The back shocks were toast and one of the front shocks had fluid leaking out. Yes ride did improve but not to what I expected. My Jeep rides better than my Denali and that just is not right.
  3. Fixed it. Removed cleaned all the buildup and no more leak.
  4. I have identified a large exhaust leak before the flex joint on my 2008 Sierra Denali. Does anyone know if there is a gasket as GM parts drawing does not indicate it? Also if there is not a gasket how can I repair the flange leak? I have attached pictures. Thanks
  5. I am having rhythmic vibrations in 6th gear when applying load to my AWD 2008 Sierra Denali. The noticeable vibration starts around 60 mph and if I let off gas or place truck manually into 5th gear the vibration disappears. I do not notice it at lower speeds or in any gear besides 6th. Transmission fluid has been exchanged every 50K and was done about 25K ago. My front axles are fairly new at 1 year old and front u-joint changed few months ago. I can’t hear any sound but notice vibration through floor. I do not notice any slack in rear u-joint at all. At this point, I am either thinking transmission or exhaust. Any diagnostic ideas would be welcomed.
  6. We just got the software update on our 2016 Yukon Denali and it works great. The mic button on the steering wheel works but you have to hold it down for an extra second. There are some work arounds to gain access to your phone while connected such as selecting the close all button or recent apps buttons. . My neighborhood is two years old and the latest GM maps is missing our address. Overall I am very happy with the ability to use google maps which always has the latest maps including my home address.
  7. It all started when my driver side vents would go crazy and blow out hot air even though the passenger side was cold. I now know this was all due to a battery failure and replacement. At the same time I learned how to calibrate the actuators I also decided to change out my HVAC control module because it looked terrible from all the paint that had flaked off. Shortly after replacing the module I had a new problem occasionally where I would lose all air volume but I could still hear the fan blowing. I thought this was the door actuator so I tried calibrating a few more times with failure every time. I then removed the hush panel and checked all actuators while adjusting the module and they were all working fine. At this point I am stumped so I open the hood to investigate more when I found the entire HVAC system was froze up. I then came to a conclusion that my system is freezing the coils and that is why I was getting no air. A simple search on the web and sure enough a new control module has to be flashed by the dealer are the system will freeze up. Took it to the dealer and $100 later it is all fixed. A label on the module telling me it must be flashed would have been very helpful. Anyways, I hope this helps others with the same problem I have encountered if they change out their control module.
  8. I corrected the groan in our Yukon by removing all the power steering fluid and replacing with a syntheric.
  9. I have attached another link with more detail. http://www.scosche.com/pdf/Scosche_2008_11...integration.pdf The information sheets says the blue fusion will work on GM factory radios, but must have satellite radio. Does not say anthing about navigation units. My assumption is that it will work on none Nav units.
  10. I am waiting for this item below. http://www.scosche.com/bluefusion
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