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  1. I brought mine to the dealer Monday. They couldn't find anything wrong and recommended a road force balance. Interesting thing when I pulled out of the dealership and got onto the highway. Hard pull to the left. I didn't have time to turn around. Figured it was an alignment issue. Brought it to a local shop to check alignment and any ESCM calibrations. They said alignment was perfect and calibration was on the latest. Dealer must have updated the calibration when doing the other shock. They road forced it again and rotated and the pull went away. I'm fairly sure I have what's called Tire Conicity. The pull started immediately after the first rotation of these new tires. I'll be calling the dealer to see if I can get that tire replaced under warranty. Thought I'd share since I never heard of conicity before. https://artsautomotive.com/home/art-icles/shop-articles/hunter-gsp9700-road-force-balancer/
  2. I took it in and they did not seem to find anything so I took it in with the calibration sheet but I'm not sure they did anything with it. I asked the service advisor about the calibrations and either the vehicle didn't need it or they didn't check so I may check with another local shop to see if they can check the calibration. They did a road force balance upon my request and it seems a bit better but the alignment is off. Could be from doing the front shock. It was noticeably worse after the rotation and balance though which may point to an issue. I'll go in for an alignment this week or next and see if they can check the calibration ID on the suspension module since I'm not confident the dealer did.
  3. Yes, get an MDI or MDI 2 and then buy the necessary subscription for your needs. If you just need to load a calibration its $40. If you need to do diagnostics they have plans that start at 3 days for relatively nothing. The cost barrier to entry is obtaining an MDI / MDI 2. They have clones but I don't know that I'd trust programming on one. MDI too seems to cost around $900 for an authentic one. http://www.acdelcotds.com/
  4. I'm wondering if anyone has had luck going to the dealer and getting a new calibration. There seems to be one specific to address this and mine likely doesn't have it since I've never had a ESCM calibration loaded. Second one from bottom. Note the most recent one is the top so there have been quite a few revisions. Took a bit of research to find out these are not sequential. Going to ask the dealer to try to load this and possibly a road force balance and diagnostic. Thought I'd share https://tis2web.service.gm.com
  5. I think I may have found the answer. Previously I went into "Operating system" but going into "Real Time Dampening" it shows what seems to be the progression and they are indeed not sequential My scan tool won't tell me the calibration ID but my guess is I have 2343983 due to the MFG date and no other suspension programming being done on it.
  6. Interestingly this just started working on Chrome. Safari still giving me issues but at least I have the ability to use the full editor now.
  7. I'm looking, haven't found it yet but the dealer has been great so I'm likely to keep going for some of the more advanced stuff. I would love to find a local shop that can though and support a local business. I don't mind paying a premium for it by going to the dealer though, my issue with them is they're a bit of a hike. Not to be argumentative but my guess is since this is a 2015i and going by my service records my guess is I don't have any of the calibrations other than the original released one since any new calibration hasn't been loaded for this to my knowledge. So my confusion on this was the TIS site (which anyone can go to, lists them all and the one I marked "current" in the picture is the latest one but they're not numerically sequential but do seem to be listed from most recent to oldest (top to bottom) as the top one is the one TIS is saying is the current one that will be released/programmed.
  8. Anyone having an issue where they can't add text content but can add images? I've been having this issue for 2 weeks. Different browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Safari), different machines(MacBook Pro, Android Phone, etc). In order to add text content like this I actually have to inject the html to remove CSS attributes textarea name="topic_content" data-role="contentEditor" class="ipsHide" tabindex="1" style="visibility: hidden;" To textarea name="topic_content" data-role="contentEditor" class="" tabindex="1" style="visibility: visible;" Interestingly I can add images just fine. I've been trying to post and correspond to a few threads and the above method, while it works is kind of a pain to use the forums. I'm wondering if there is an issue with my account since it spans multiple devices and browsers.
  9. I was looking at calibrations for my 2015 GMC Yukon Denali's ESCM (Z95) and noticed there's a listing but the calibration ID's are not sequential and the latest one it recommends is a lower numerical value than the one that may fix an issue I have. Is this normal? Any explanation for the ordering? I posted this in the K2XX forum but this one appears more appropriate so sorry for the spam. I believe I have the original calibration and think 23452750 may fix my issue. Does the "current"/top one include all the fixes in the below or are they all different and you pick the one that addresses your issue? I won't be applying this, likely taking to the dealer and just want to be informed.
  10. Anyone familiar with GM Calibrations and their numbering? I'm having some rough ride issues on my 2015 GMC Yukon Denali w/Z95 and looked up the calibrations and there appears to be one that may address my issue. But I also noticed the calibration history on TIS doesn't seem sequential and the "current" calibration offered is not sequentially higher than the one to "reduce suspension shake" Are the numbers usually somewhat random like this or did they revert to an old calibration due to issues with the higher sequential numbered ones? TIS Site for those not familiar - https://tis2web.service.gm.com/tis2web/
  11. @page1 - Thanks! I saw similar although I had no codes, my ride height voltages seemed normal and fairly symmetrical. My command current (mA) seemed normal for what I would suspect. I drove around for a while but didn't see much stick out while reproducing it although 1 strut or the other would randomly jump up to 1900-2000 mA. The rears seem to stay around the 200's for most of the driving and but the fronts jump all over the place likely taking the brunt of the shocks.
  12. I did the trim and no dice yet but I'm starting to think it may be a tire or balance issue at this point. I'll stop spamming here until I find a resolution (if I do). I could just be expecting too much out of the truck or have terrible roads near me. Seems to happen more at 60mph or so than 30-40.
  13. jmac - I scanned mine and mine are fairly close to yours, 1.77 rears and 2.6 and 2.4 fronts.
  14. I imagine the ride height is whatever it is. What matters is that it adjusts tot he up and down while you drive so the shock signal is sent accordingly
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