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  1. You get your original ECU back, hence no need for dealer visits or relearns, etc.
  2. The biggest differences are the devices themselves and the options/features offered on each platform for each model that is supported. Thanks
  3. Got it. The pricing is on the product page, here if anyone needs to confirm: https://www.diablosport.com/shop/predator-2-for-19-20-gm-gas-truck.html?SID=rqt9ug64krrgil0lrdds83kh27 Thanks
  4. Not at this time. Hopefully in the not too distant future on the Diablo brand at least.
  5. what did you need to know? Price is $599.95, including the ECU unlock
  6. Hey man do you work for Diablo? I have tons of questions. I bought a 2008 Impala SS. My email is [email protected]

    Facebook name is just Aaron Lafaro and request me. I want AFM turned off and a tune but it looks like sick money at a shop. Can I do this? 


  7. You can be mad all you want, it doesn't make you right by any means ;) There is no flash counter. Its a CVN list. I know all about it, and I have no desire to explain it to you. #rd parties have tested and verified that it is not detectable by the means GM uses to detect tunes. No customer of ours has EVER had a warranty issue due to using one of our tuners. And, since you dont think we can tune a cammed truck, hes a few more radical examples of what our software, in combination with one of our awesome handheld tuners, can do: 7 second Mustang, CMR tuned: You like BIG camm
  8. Thanks for your comments. May I ask, for the benefit of the other members, how many years of experience you have reverse engineering the GM PCMs? I mean, have you ever written a drop of code to perform a read/write process, or investyigated the actual capabilities of the internal workings of the PCM, beyind what you have heard as 3rd party info on the intrawebz? Do you have over 25 years of experience literally writing code, for GM, as a highly trained EE? I only ask, because we do. We are. We can. If you wish to call me a liar, come with some proof sir. You can spend months flashing ev
  9. Our tunes for the 14 Trucks wake them up quirte a bit, in additionto improving throttle response. We also have full TCM support for all 6 speed suto trucks There is also a new parameter called throttle booster, that allows users to add more throttle sensitivity to their liking ;) Thanks
  10. On our 14 Sierra, the biggest gains were inthe throttle response. I felt the factory throttle cal was about the worst offered by GM ever, and after some fine tuning, we were able to make the throttle much more lively, and we offer the end user further adjustment to make the throttle response work to your liking Theres also a solid 20 rwhp/20-25 ft-lbs in the tunes... Our tunes can't be seen by the dealer either ;)
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