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  1. Yes, they are gone. My wife commented, " If your driving it to church next week again........" Yeah there gone now!
  2. No I did not buy it new. I bought it 10 years ago, yes it stays inside with heat, yes, I do drive it. A family member bought it from the original owner for the same amount he paid new. Original paint, looks great in person as well, Thanks. The plow mount is complete, front coil springs seems to be ok, may add timbrens too many projects to stop now atleast I can plow when the need arises.
  3. I just looked up the turkey run, sounds like a great time, I will keep in mind. Yeah, I just found out the plow must be mounted because the ground from the headlamps are used to complete circuit. I hope to be able to use this set up again. Thanks...Tom
  4. since the wiring for the headlites are different, can i use the 03 module without using the headlights? I have connected port 1 and port2 , and have no power at the controller, do the headlites need to be connected to complete circuit to get power inside to controller? Thanks Tom
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    07 truck
  6. I plow my driveway and my parents less then 1 mile away. This year I plowed 4 times. I have a tahoe that I kept to plow with. I do not drive it much any more other than in the winter. My 07 has almost 40k, the tahoe is a little to nice just to sit around waiting for snow. I have been thinking about removing the plow and selling it. I was wondering about adding Timbrens with the rc leveling kit. Is it safe to say they will not reach to assist the weight? The other suspension parts I see seem to say 2500 series. Has anyone used another type of helper on a 1500 front with good luck. I do not use the 07 that much and use the tahoe even less, but carry full insurance/registration on both. I put timbrens in the tahoe and they work great. For the limited use I use both, maybe I dont need the tahoe hanging around, sell it while it looks and drives great. I am not concerned about warranty issues, my nieghbor is my beer drinking parner and service advisor. Both plow jobs are flat and paved driveways. Thanx...Tom
  7. My truck came with the power folding with signals and heat. I swapped them out for the towing style pull out mirrors. They will not stay still. I actually turned them off on the dic control. Do I need just to have the bcm reprogrammed? My oem were power folding but these are not. My truck is 07 ltz. Thanx...Tom
  8. plowing snow with 99 tahoe with 180k
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