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  1. Looks great. Been wondering if 35”a would fit without rubbing. If I get a Silverado, it’s got to have the 35”s. Need the spacers to not rub?
  2. Is there any speculation that for 2022 they update the interior to match, or closely resemble the new Tahoe/Yukon? Thanks.
  3. Oh hell naw! The dealer cut holes in a carbon bed? I'd have them replace for sure!
  4. What size wheels and tires are those? Congrats it looks good
  5. I think this may be my favorite color/wheel combo yet. Looks fantastic. Any more pics? What lift do you have? Since wheels?
  6. I still haven’t seen a trail boss 6.2L yet on the web. Saw a couple of the High Country’s.
  7. Didn’t the Raptor when it first come out with the 1 speed have a recall? I feel like it did.
  8. FYI, you can get the new Rebel will less red or no red now in the Interior. It’s what kept me from being interested last year. I am loving the new AT4/ TB but I want a little more from the interior
  9. This looks awesome. What wheels are those? And is that grill wrapped? Oh I know see the badge on the hood. That’s the carbon pro grille?
  10. Well, I do drive about 50k mikes a year, so more than most.
  11. With the 6.2 93octane is only recommended l, not required, right?
  12. Thanks. Sounds good. I have been battling on what will be the next truck. My dream, a Raptor. But not other Ford. Love the TB with 6.2, Tundra TRD Pro and the Ram Rebel without red interior. Will have to drive all but love all 3 for different reasons.
  13. Other than them being available now, I haven’t seen hardly any reviews yet. Thought by now YouTube would have several. Curious on owners thoughts.
  14. Unless you meant $44k OTD instead of $54k OTD , then walk. Not a good enough deal compared to what others are paying on here, for sure.
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