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  1. Maybe this is one of the reasons GM is doing away with the 100,000 mile warranty for 2016?
  2. First Ive heard of a 6.2 breaking, that engine is a beast!! The 2017 Aluminum truck's 6.2 is supposed to gain 25hp and get much better gas mileage, Iam already saving my money for one lol I also hear the 5.3 will be up to 390 hp and a possible Supercharger option. None of this is certain but we all know its coming soon, aluminum that is.. Next Fall could be interesting
  3. I dont tow much weight but I too plan on getting a Blackbear Tune very so "Still waiting on my BACK-OrderED Dynamax Cat-Back" From Summit Racing.. I already installed my K&N CAI its noisy without the exhaust to even out the sound but did seem to improve my gas mileage, in my last 14 the exhaust took away the MPG gain that the CAI added. Iam going with the $600 EFI Live Tuner, I may do another vehicle later. My question is that will it help the sluggishness down low or just cruising around? My truck rarely sees more than 3000 RPM but here lately Ive touched 5K a time or 2 for a few seconds on fresh oil. Iam excited to get this tune soon after I get that exhaust, their saying 6/24 now so the time may be near.
  4. DynoMax Cat-back system

    And Jack Stands, Safety First I just ordered the WLK-39529 from Summit a few weeks ago and they should be in soon, back ordered but I couldnt resist the price with a $50 mail in rebate. I plan on getting a Blackbear Tune next month so drone shouldnt be a problem since Ill be doing away with the 4 cyl. mode under 70 mph. Iam thinking the VT muffler has a built in flap which I do not want in my exhaust and the and it was more money with no rebate
  5. Iam still waiting on to add a Dynomax 39529 Cat-Back but I will say the K&N 66 Series CAI helped the throttle response with only 14K miles on my 14 Silverado 5.3 it was worth the $198 I spent on it. Iam now debating on a BlackBear Tune with the EFILive or Diablo but leaning toward the Blackbear, I emailed them this morning but since their on the WestCoast now it may take awhile to hear from them. I just wish these companys would talk to you instead of email, the world is turning anti social because of the internet "lol" <- Sarcasm
  6. Esexton, your truck looks great, a .75 inch block in the rear would be plenty and you wouldnt have to go with a longer rear shock, I may do that. The handling and ride quality is much improved compared to the stock shocks. This is one of the best upgrades a person can do to a basic truck, if you have factory Ranchos I cant see it being worth the almost $450 total for shocks and labor. In my case the factory Black Shocks Sucked at under 14000 miles, and needed upgraded, West Virginia roads are rough and right now snow covered and getting worse daily. Next to buy some tires like esexton's
  7. GMC-AT - if you had factory Ranchos then it may not be that much of a improvement. I changed my rear shocks over to the Bilsteins Saturday at around 13600 miles, HUGE Improvement!! If the fronts have that much of a effect than to me its gonna be well worth the money spent. My truck had the plain black shocks and one (left Rear) extended slower than right rear but both still functioned properly as far as I could tell. I put SkyJackers on my 08 Silverado and it was one of the best upgrades I made to that truck. Guys, shop around, local tire shops or body shops can do this cheaper than the Stealerships can. Check out this video, it explains a lot about this subject.
  8. Mine just showed up VIA FedEx, super fast shipping and a nice looking product. I called around, most places wanted around a $100 to change them and another $45 for a alignment. Having them installed Wednesday at 2:30.. Thanks to this forum I got a better price than I first anticipated, I hope its worth $$$ West Virginia is good testing grounds so Ill do a little write-up after.. Thanks Again
  9. I cancelled my order with AJ and got the same deal as GMC-AT, when I called they had 22 Fronts left and 6 Rear's and said they will ship tomorrow. Thanks for the Head's-UP Guys!!
  10. That is for Both Front and Rear, I couldnt pass it up, that sale ends today.. My 14 came with El Cheapo Shocks and I wanted to level it and stiffen it up some so I thought these were my best bet. Part NumberProduct DescriptionQtyUnit PricePriceBIL 24-238304Item: 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber2$94.36$188.72 BIL 33-238319Item: Monotube Shock Absorber2$73.16$146.32 Sub Total$335.04CA Sales Tax$0.00Shipping$0.00Total$335.04
  11. I just ordered a set of Bilstein's for my truck this morning for $335 from AJUSA and NO I dont work for them, just passing along the deal I got..

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