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  1. Hey guys- I'm selling my sub box that was in my 08 GMC Sierra extended cab. The model from subthump.com is CXB07-110. Their site says it will fit new body styles from 07-13. It fits under the left rear seat and extends to the center hump and has black carpet. It's in great shape. I am asking $75 for it and don't want to ship it. I am in the north Fort Worth area and can meet someone pretty much anywhere across the DFW metroplex. Thanks, Jason Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Nice job man! Looks good. I see you didn't do it all by yourself. You had Yuengling to keep you company! lol
  3. Ok, I had a chance to look and see that I tied into a yellow wire on the green adapter in the housing that has 3 adapters in it, just above and to the left of the brake pedal. I hope that helps!
  4. Which pink wire did you use or how the hell did you set up your switched vehicle power under the dash, Ive tried several and have had no luck. I'll get back to you. I need to go out and look again. There is switched power in the harness that attaches up above the brake pedal. I just spliced right into the wire in the harness. I will take a look and tell you exactly which one it is in just a little while.
  5. It's really no problem at all. That is why I posted the pics and write up. The sub box came from Subthump.com and I believe I paid around $130 or so for the single 10" enclosure. Couldn't be happier.
  6. This is going to sound crazy, but I know where each setting is and can do it without looking. It isn't exact obviously, but I have only needed to tweak them a couple of times total. So, it's a pain in the a#$, but not enought for me to go through the headache of cutting my loops holding the top of the seats. I will get a couple of those pics up on my Picasa page tomorrow, as well as some of my sub box.
  7. They were super loud. So, I ended up ditching my rear speakers and then tapped into those wires for my PAC adapter. I then bought a $10 speaker from Autozone and used the front left wire for chimes/signals. I just threw it under the steering column and it works great.
  8. Thanks for the nice comments. I tried to make everything look decent, although I guess no one really ever sees it. lol I don't have the specs for the board. I ended up having to re-do it because I added a second amp and then a sub. Here is a pic of the board with both the amps. Sorry I can't be more help. I basically just measured width across and then cut out a notch for the seat belt portion and then accounted for the slant in the bottom of the cab. I know, none of that sounds exact.
  9. NoLuck7

    Audio Install

    Audio components installed in 08 Sierra Ext. Cab
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    2009 Sierra Leveled
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    2008 GMC Sierra Upper Cowl Panel

    Selling GM Part #25865604
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    2008 Sierra

    Pics of truck
  13. Great step-by-step walkthrough w/ pics.. will definitely be following it when installing my sub later this month Couple questions for ya 1. So there's a remote turn on, but it doesn't power off them amp when you turn off your truck? When the signal is cut, the amp should turn off.. (Isn't that why you get a pac adapter vs. a much cheaper line out converter?) From what I've ever heard, and from my own install experience the amp should turn off. 2. How many channels is your line out converter? Was it just 2 channels for the front 2 speakers? I'm looking into the different options that I have for installing my sub. 3. Dude that power wire is huge! Thats gotta be like 0/1 gauge. And your running like 50RMS through it just to your front speakers? I mean definitely no harm goin with big wire but I'm runnin 1000watts through 4 gauge wire, which is pretty common. But nevatheles great/ clean install man. Congrats Thanks for the comments. Let me answer your questions and hopefully they will help you when you go to do yours later! 1. The remote turn on wire turns the amp on with the truck and off with the truck. The only thing that would have been better would've been for it to stay on with the accessory power. That isn't a huge deal to me though. I was more concerned with it turning on appropriately and then off with the truck, and it does! 2. The PAC is a 4 channel so I could do my rears if I wanted to, but I am getting such full sound from the fronts, I probably won't ever touch the rears. 3. The power wire is a 4 gauge from the battery to the power dist. block and then 8 gauge to the amp. I wanted to make sure and only do the power once, if I wanted to upgrade in the future. I am now pushing 150 watts RMS to the 2 front speakers because I bridged all 4 channels, so I am also glad I used the nicer Monster speaker wire. I hope that answers them for ya!
  14. +1 Turned out really Nice! Are you a Installer? Nice man. No, I just have several friends that know what they're doing. haha
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