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  1. It is a simple box that plugs in between the bulb and harness. Plug and play. Should have come with the bulbs. Contact the seller and see if they will send the modules to you for free. Mine have been flawless for almost five months now.
  2. I just installed a set of the GTR Ultra 2 LED bulbs into my OEM projectors in my 2015 GMC Sierra. install was less then 30 minutes but did need the PWM interface module to make them work. So far, i'm pleased and at least now I can tell that the headlights on and I can see light on the road. They are definitely not as bright as my buddy's 2018 GMC OEM lights FWIW. I still have the HID kit from fastheadlights as well, just never got around to installing them and they have never been out of the box.
  3. I know you said tri fold, but man I loved my hard cover that had four sections and you could access the front part behind the cab. It was SO useful. Just a thought.
  4. congrats and looking forward to pics
  5. on mine, the back will boil an egg in water but the seat will only get hot every now and again it seems, but when it does warm up, watch out.
  6. just realized this was posted back in 2010. ooops. FNG
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