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  1. Have you tried this company? Don,t know if they can help you or not. http://www.differentials.com/
  2. Just remember there was a reason why the seal blew. You will have to find out what that cause was. If it wasn't the can and you just replace the seal it will blow again.
  3. Tire pressure for temperature extremes

    Or you could fill them with nitrogen.
  4. Rear end?

    I think if you order the Max Trailering Package it comes with 3.42s.
  5. oil life reset

    After reading your last post I see where you where you mentioned drivers side battery. I missed that on your first post. Is the 2 batteries OEM or did you install the second battery?
  6. oil life reset

    From the owners manual. How to Reset the Engine Oil To reset the Engine Oil Life System, do the following: 1. Turn the ignition key to RUN with the engine off. 2. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds. If the OIL LIFE RESET message flashes for 10 seconds, the system is resetting. 3. Turn the key to LOCK. If the CHANGE ENGINE OIL message comes back on when you start your vehicle, the engine oil life system has not reset. Repeat the procedure. If it still does not reset, see your dealer for service.
  7. TPMS reset issues

    If the TPMS sensors are new to the vehicle they have to be programed not reset.
  8. Right rear stop and turn not working

    You mentioned the under hood fuse panel. But have you check the right stop/turn fuse in the IP fuse panel?
  9. Hill decent

    I am not positive but I think the RPO code is JHD.
  10. My Brand new Nightmare

    What state do you live in and do you have lemon laws? If so contact the Attorney Generals office and find out what legal obligations that GM and its dealers have to the purchaser of such a product under those laws. That way you know where you stand. You might be in a better position than if you go the legal route. Good Luck.
  11. I wouldn't wait 90 days to contact GM. I would be on the phone now. Call them up and get a history started. And get a case number and keep adding every little problem that occurs. Just remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  12. Comm problems are hard to diagnose even when you are working directly on the vehicle. That being said if I was in your position I would contact this guy. He is probably one of the best diagnostic techs in the country. And you are lucky that he is not too far from you in NJ. I think he is Montclair, NJ. I would contact him and see if you can work something out so he could look at the vehicle. Anyway Good Luck. Let us know how you make out. http://autotechonwheels.com/

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