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  1. 10/4 yeah my buddy will be here sat ill have him check it just baffles me lol that it condinsates and stuff lol i can trun it down to like 61 and the air in there dont get below 80
  2. the ac button is pressed the dual digital climate control is in sync.. i get condinsation on the ground << forgot to mention in orig post i apoligise when i get on the trottle real head i do get hot air
  3. no not really if im on the highway and had to pass someone at 80 or so it seems blow hot for a bit
  4. with the ac at high speed it doesnt seem to blow any cooler air then what it does on medium or low.. little guage stuck in the vent the air doesnt get any colder than about 82 or so thats when its 93 out side.. my mechanic buddy will be home with his guage set this weekend.. im going to see if he will test the high and low pressure.. ill call dealership tomorrow an see if they recall having the lines open.. they replaced that entire box behind the dash id think they would have had the lines open i did barrow a neighbors little 20$ guage from orielly aand it
  5. so i have a 2014 silverado with the 5.3l in it. right now i am sitting at 52k miles on the od. so last september i had an issue fixed with the truck at the dealership it was near the end of september of 2020.. so i had rodent damage to the ac box and it was leaking water into the passenger side floor board. insurance claim was done and they paid for the issue at the dealership.. well the shop was like 3 weeks behind and by the time i got it out of the shop we had severl cool fronts and the temps were not that hot i think it was like 75 the day i got the truck back..
  6. I might have to try that then... but after some more looking into detail factory bose with nav has an amp... and nav without bose apparently does not hell I dunno I may just gather stuff and have it installed some where
  7. well I just got a 2014 Silverado double cab touch screen non bose system.. I did find the cheese mesh cover on the back of the cab im guessing its all the same? im wanting to install an amp and sub jl audio equipment I was talking to crutchfield they just told me to get a line output convertor... ?? something like the scosche loc90..
  8. here is my new to me 2014 Silverado has right at 3k on the clock got it today
  9. CD82

    my new truck

    well I just got this truck today and this is the newest truck I have ever purchased.. got right at 3k miles on it has the 5.3l im very pleased with the truck . and I took the photos with a d5200
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