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  1. I have had all "3" roof marker lights in my truck replaced under warranty. First, just one of the single ones burned out, then the middle and other side burned out after the one side was replaced. The new ones have been good so far though, knock on wood.
  2. They make clamps for hoses, for stuff like this. Also, you wouldn't get burned if the coolant wasn't hot
  3. I'll have to take some snow covered pictures next time it snows here.
  4. Does the gauge cluster drop in a silverado?
  5. That would be perfect! lol, if I could only find it...
  6. Hello all, I enjoy mountain biking on the weekend, and I was simply wondering, do they make any attachments for the cargo management sytems in our gm truck beds that will hold bikes? I haven't seen anything, but I figured I'd ask. Thanks.

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