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  1. While I understand what you're saying, the OP is asking about about leveling hi While I understand what you're saying, the OP is asking about leveling his truck. I agree with AZGMC's post on leveling the front using a kit, with air bags in the rear. Maybe I should've stated it that way in my 1st post in this thread. It would allow you to keep the leveled stance, loaded or unloaded, depending on how much psi you run in the air bags. The way you describe how you have your trucks set up sounds like you still have a nose down rake, similar to stock. That's fine if that's what you want. That
  2. Why would you want to "level" the truck, then add blocks to the rear end? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of "leveling" it? GM designed these trucks with a bit of a "rake" for a reason. If you're concerned with having your headlights aimed at the sky, the air bag suggestion would be your best route.
  3. Yes they are. We ride strictly sand dunes. There are several types of sand paddles, these are straight cut/lightweight type. Excellent for climbing steep dunes and sidehilling. Thanks for the comment.
  4. Hey thanks! The Z is the wife's ride. They've both been great quads since new. Hard to get rid of them for something newer, considering there really isn't on the market I'm interested in, other than an overpriced RZR1000.
  5. Here's ours, '06 Suzuki LT-R450 & '07 Suzuki LTZ400...GOT SAND?
  6. Now that right there is an impressive load!
  7. So, you guys figure asking around $2500 is a good start?
  8. Well to me, this thing is priceless! It's been sitting in my garage since 8/06 because it needs rings & valve seals...basically due for a full rebuild. A little info on the truck: 350 TBI/700R4, Edelbrock tubular exhaust headers, true duals w/Flowmasters , 4" suspention lift, 33" BFG M/T's on 15 x 10 Eagle alloys Extras still new in box: Edelbrock Performer Intake Edelbrock Performer Plus cam & lifters Polished aluminum centerbolt valve covers new water pump complete engine gasket kit w/RTV silicone I'm getting close to moving, and don't really want to take it wi
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