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  1. So I have a question for you electrical gurus.. I see posts all over about the cargo lights on with reverse using a diode. I see boost even sells a kit.. I'd like to have my cargo lights come on in reverse but also have my reverse come on when I turn the cargo on.. can I just go the same route splicing wires at the BCM but use a wire instead of a diode ? Will this damage anything back feeding the reverse signal like that ? its a 2015 Silverado 1500 LTZ
  2. Holy Balls !! I am not reading all that hahaha... SO ive gather bluestar and blue fusion.. Mine's an 06 with Bose Xm and onstar.. i have a blue tooth enabled phone, when i push the phone button I want it to go to my phone just like when i use my bluetooth headset in the house... and i want the radio to mute just like the onstar phone does.. What do I need ?? hahahaha This website caught my attn. from the sidebar http://www.galaxy1000.com/ ive been thinkin about how i could use my onstar phone with my cell phone and didnt know any of this existed.. til i saw that ad.. then i did a search and found nothing.. then i started poking around and found this thread.. So anyway is that Galaxy1000 any good ??
  3. me too me too Mine (might have to paint the s10 red now.. ) Dads (has billet grille and a Tonneau cover now)
  4. and its got the preimo interior with the console and bitchin Bose stereo with 6 disc in DASH and XM
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