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  1. What bed rack is that? I'm looking into one for mine.
  2. Thanks! Good call on the amp steps...I've actually been looking into those.
  3. Thanks! I'm at 40.5" GTF in the front and 41.5" in the rear I believe....Will get a nice flat ground measurement soon. This is the perfect height for me as I needed the truck to still be practical for clients to ride in.
  4. Thanks again for the compliments guys. Love the 5.3, great power and sounds good too. I'll be having a full custom exhaust installed in two weeks.
  5. So in short - about 38 psi for the Toyos on my truck. Kidding aside, that was a great explanation, thank you. Door jam recommends 32 psi F and R. The stock 275/55/20 SR-A is 2403 lbs at 51. So that's 2403/51 = approx. 47. 32x47 = 1504 1504/40 = approximately 38 Psi
  6. Guys, I just had my tires mounted Friday and I'm trying to figure out if I need more air in them. The numbers change throughout the day from temperature changes but on a cold start this morning at 59 degrees, these were my numbers. Tires are 33x12.50r20 on stock GMC 20x9. 2014 Sierra. Front: 31 35 Rear: 32 32 Thoughts?
  7. Thanks! Yes I used all the parts, the rake wasn't as prominent until after I did an alignment and added the tires. I need to check psi etc and find out what the deal is. Measured this morning and I'm at 39.5" in the front and 41" in the back GTF.
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