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  1. Never been a "green" car guy. I do really like that color on your truck though.
  2. I did not hit a hawk but had same constraint derail my plans to order as well. First truck after that I inquired about was on hold before it arrived. Second I found I basically inquired the same time it showed on the dealership inbound list. So I was able to get it. I had to travel from Va Beach, Va to New York. That dealership had 5 trucks the morning I inquired none made it to end of day. I did get the Chevy $1250 rebate or whatever when I bought mine. So it was $60200. I have not even seen one available since I got mine. I blacked out the tailgate letters with inserts and added the DiamondBack HD bed cover.
  3. Using chrome seems like titles and page count is messed up. Threads seem ok though Edit ** Whelp so much for only being the title and page count. Had couple threads display everything left justified now as well.
  4. Did not read through whole thread but maybe it will help you guys out.
  5. I'm assuming the screen size doesn't matter from when I was poking around their site. More Bose/non Bose and need to know your connector colors above kick panel behind the glove box (black/gray or aqua/tan). T-harness lets you run your wire from amp to speakers however you wish to do so. Their loop back supposedly returns the wire from your amp back to the factory harness location to use factory speaker wiring from what I understand. But by all means shoot them an email. Very friendly. It did take a full day+ for them to answer me though. I take it they are pretty busy.
  6. I ordered the harness as well. I did order the Audio Control LC7i as well. Killing me having to wait again for few weeks to get this all wrapped up as the sound in my truck as stock is way disappointing.
  7. You will need a LOC unless your amp is capable of taking speaker level input vs RCA. The LOC will give you control for getting it dialed in as well versus just having raw signal (good or bad). My installer had me purchase the T Harness from LLJ (still waiting to receive it at this point) as nothing else was available to him currently. Metra, PAC, etc either didn't have anything he could find or there was nothing available to order. He could cut and solder but the harness will make it neater, faster, and easier. Rockford 5 channel amp I use to power focal rear doors, focal front speakers (separate with crossover) and kicker sub: https://rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/t1000x5ad/ Good luck and enjoy your much better sound when you are done.
  8. Since you don't seem able to read and comprehend very well. ***News Flash I have a 2021 2500 LTZ way to read. *** Take your condescension elsewhere. Its functional and looks the part as far as im concerned. Your the one that says it does not but have never once given a specific answer as to why.
  9. Pretty much what Dunn said. When you already spending 50-60K what is another 2-5 thousand really? Not much in the grand scheme of life. I know right now it is tougher for sure. I about gave up when I went to order exactly what I wanted and was told a constraint had gone into effect and I was not even able to place the order. I got lucky and 2 showed up over the next 3 weeks and I got one. Have not seen another since and would have waited until 2022 most likely at that point but I also still have my "old" truck which has not sold yet to fall back on if nothing popped.
  10. I understand the hard to explain but I don't give one whit about Ford or Ram. I don't like either of their trucks and never have. I have owned lots of different cars from different manufacturers. While some interiors are more upscale I guess they have never been something I thought a ton about. They are either functional or not to me. Its why I asked why you didn't like it. Just saying that manufacturer is better really isn't saying much. Materials, style, layout, all of these are very subjective. I purposefully looked a long time for my 2012 LTZ with the aluminum trim instead of wood as I thought the wood interior looked absolutely stupid in a truck (I still do).
  11. Thanks kmoon81. Yeah got an email me back clarifying what he had meant to type was glove box above "kick panel" and he had typed rear seat. So I did find them but appreciate your insight.
  12. What about the interior makes it better or worse for you? Im curious.
  13. Im looking to get the LLJ harness and asked them where to look for the vehicle connector they ask about (black/gray or aqua/tan). They said to look and I quote "they will be behind the glove box, above the rear seat". For anyone that might know these connectors and location that statement confused me a bit. Is that both places, a mistype from them maybe, or the storage boxes in the rear seats above them?
  14. Don't want ACC and glad its not there. I like the HUD as I have it on my 2018 Camaro but to spend 4K+ to get it and have a bunch of "safety" garbage I did not want. So No Thanks.
  15. I had a 2012 2500 LTZ as well. Definitely rides smoother, still a 2500, but smoother. Rear storage is nice but I got rid of half of it for my sub box. I purchased Northsky Blue with Z71 sport package beginning of April for the color matching specifically as I agree they look way better. I almost did not get a 2021 because of this. The constraint went into effect knocking out Safety Package and you could not order sport package without it. Took 3 tries until I was able to lock on one that had not been claimed. Traveled from Va Beach, Va to Spencerport, NY to get it. Pretty much been non-existent since then. I like the power gate but do wish there was just a "I want to manually open it" option. Don't care one wit for lighted mirror (don't think I have ever even looked in the mirror on my 2012) or wireless charging. Im 6 foot exactly and have no issue seeing the gauges or the info screen and scrolling though it. Have not noticed camera much as I still do not use it all that often even though I have had one forever. My kids like it as they now have heated rear seats and more room in back then my 2012 as the cab is noticeably bigger. Both side and bumper steps are awesome as I did not have either on my 2012. Definitely happy with mine.
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