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  1. Did you notice any difference in the quietness of the ride after switching to ridge grapplers? I have them on my truck and they made the ride not so Denali like.
  2. Those pics were from 2014. I don’t know if I have them anymore.
  3. uh6tdrvr, I'm not sure they will both fit in a flat rate box. What's you zip code? I'll do some shipping estimates real quick, and paypal is fine. GasHog, If uh6 doesn't want it, you can have it. I'll let you know either way.
  4. I was cleaning out the garage and found these sitting on my shelf. They were both removed from my 2009 or 2011 Sierra due to upgrades. They are both the OEM parts that came with the truck. I was going to just throw them away but figured some might need them. If you are local to Houston, you can pick them up or if not, you pay for shipping.
  5. This same thing happens on mine. When I have my iphone plugged (streaming Pandora) in using USB the track buttons on the back side of the wheel only bring up the favorites. When I'm using BT to steam, it changes the track, like it should. I had the dealer update my software last time I was up there and it didn't fix it. I did notice that it worked like it should in the 2015 loaner they gave me. I"m going back (as soon as they have an available loaner) to have them address this issue and some rattles.
  6. Why not just go for the Denali and get it all? I have the AT version in Texas and it's not that big of a deal. I just use the remote start before i'm leaving and the seats aren't that bad. Plus, I like the interior colors of the AT more than the standard 4x4.
  7. Looking to trade someone local. Must be black painted bumper w/ steps & back up sensors. I have the Non-step early version.
  8. So how do these compare in size to the stock fogs? Is the diameter the same, so you only have to fab mounting points?
  9. Yeah, here ya go..... Let me know if there are any other angles you would like.
  10. I had the dealer add the Webasto sunroof when I bought my truck. No problems, and looks factory. I was very nervous as I had heard horror stories as well, but I'm glad I did it and would do it again.
  11. I'll take them if you still got them.
  12. I just got my truck back from the shop for this reason. They just replaced my exhaust with a "redesigned" muffler to stop the squeaking.
  13. I think I'm getting this same noise. I thought it was the fan in the A/C, but I'll look more closely to see if me plugging in my phone changes anything.
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