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  1. Black bear autocal for sale and some stuff

    Pm sent back
  2. I revently sold my 2011 sierra and have sever al items for sale. Black bear auto cal asking 175$ OBO shipped directly to your door. you will need to get in touch with BB and purchase a liscense with them. only used 1 slot for my truck should be 7 slots left. I also have a set of NON towing oem power heated mirrors NO turn signals asking $100 obo shipped to you. anyone in the VT NH ME MA NY area I have a set of DC2's with nitto terra grapplers 305 70 17's wheels are a couple years old, tires have 1 summer and 90% tread comes with lug nuts asking $1200 OBO. prefer local pick up shipping would be too much $$$ I also have a set of stock upper control arms ball joints in great shape, and a set of oem rear shocks with less than 10k on them, make an offer. no clue what it would cost to ship these. i have pics upon request
  3. RC 3.5 swap out...

    Yes I know blackout I was in a pinch when I bought this affordable kit... I went with summit racing ball joints the first time and they lasted a year. This time around I went with moog on uppers and lowers. Yes I know blackout I was in a pinch when I bought this affordable kit... I went with summit racing ball joints the first time and they lasted a year. This time around I went with moog on uppers and lowers.
  4. RC 3.5 swap out...

    actually, i did RC 2" leveling kit first, then added the 1.25" BL second. I then swapped the 2" leveling kit for RC 3.5" lift so i had 4.75" of lift. i then added DC2 wheels and ran stock rubber for a while before upgrading to 285 70 17's. a year or so later i wanted more lift, so i added zones 3" BL and Nitto Terra Grapplers 305 70 17's. Now im sick of spending $120-$200+ on ball joints every year and taking a day to swap them out BDS is a little out of my price rance from all the prices i have seen. Not to be a wise ass but dont assume it wasnt lifted first. it was lifted many times before, and i have learned go big first... but thanks for the reply.
  5. RC 3.5 swap out...

    I hate to lose 1" of lift because my 34's already rub with 6.5" of lift and with 5.5" of lift i imagine they will rub HARD
  6. I have the RC 3.5" lift kit. I have had to replace my upper ball joints 2 summers in a row, and my lowers for the first time with 55K on the clock. i have about 35K with the lift. i know its mostly due to the severe angles of my (RC)UCA's(upper control arms) and (lower control arms) LCA's. I know my oversize tires and off set wheels dont help. My question is, can I take out the upper strut spacer that gains 3.5" of lift and replace it with a 2.5" lift spacer while leaving RC's UCA's and the differential drop in place? my dream is to one day get a rancho lift so i can use my factory 17's and my DC2 17's
  7. I have the rcx 3.5" lift. I loved it the first year. It gives the truck the perfect stance. I had to replace the upper ball joints after the first year. This year I had to replace both upper and lower ball joints. So now I'm a professional ball joint installer. I wish I got a 2.5" lift with a 3" BL.
  8. I'm looking at swapping out my si/do flowmaster 40 series delta flow exhaust system for a dynomax vt si/so full stainless exhaust system. Does anyone have any experience with dynonax or this kit? I know it will be quieter( which is the point). For the price of the full exhaust system coupled with the fact its stainless for 315$ it sounds lime a good deal to me. The other exhaust system I'm looking at is mbrp si /so aluminized system. Let me know your ideas or opinions
  9. 90mm Throttle Body Upgrade

    sorry for thread jacking. so what would be a good TC for me? I dont know much about the subject, and what would I benefit from changing out my stock TC? also im fairly mechanically inclined, is this a job i could tackle?
  10. Performance suggestions

    where does one find used engines? now i have new hope for my 11 sierra...
  11. 90mm Throttle Body Upgrade

    lots of good info on here, i wish i knew where to find cams and torque converters and other goodies to make my 4.8 wake up... i know id love to get new gears...
  12. the bottom strut mount is easier to install and achieves the same thing. dont forget the alignment, RC is a 2" leveling kit, and its one of the most affordable leveling kits out there.
  13. budget 4" lift

    do it, i didnt think i would like a 3" BL thats why i went small, but its not really that noticable. yea my step bars hang a little low, but i made my own gap guards out of big rig mud flaps( just on the rear)
  14. budget 4" lift

    Sorry I do not have any pictures on the 285's with the 4" lift. actually my profile picture is with 4.75" of lift and 285's that is a pretty good idea. I started with the 1.25" BL definately go with the 3" you wont regret going too high as i regretted not going high enough. I have removed my spare tire completely, since i swapped to a 305 and my spare was a 265. imo stock tires dont look that bad with 4" of lift. im going to find out how goofy 6.5" looks with 265's for my winter tire swap
  15. Wheel liners or Heruliner

    I have used herculiner on the past two vehicles. the herculiner works great for wheel well applications, just prep the area as per the directions and it will stick. it is not a very good bedliner however. it just scrapes out too easily. I have never used wheel liners, but i would think that using both would be a great idea

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