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  1. GMCs usually hold there value a tad bit better on trade. Also 5.3 was a bit to subtle. The 10 speed is fantastic on my 6.2 with the Performance Pack. Very smooth. For what we are spending on trucks you need to go with your gut and what makes you happy. Drive em all and see. I could not do the deal without the 6.2 and the denali was too much bling bling.
  2. AT4 with Duratracs

    My dealer had this combo with tires on another truck. The AT4 I bought was a special order with the performance pack that the guys backed out on. So to seal the deal we worked these in. He just swapped them off the truck. These are standard RIMs on the elevations and they can order them too. if you have a good relationship with the dealer you should be able to swap, the K02s are not usually sold at dealers, so you would have to get them. As far as size I would have to look, though 285s are really alot on a 9 inch wheel. You can usually +1 and get away with it.
  3. AT4 - all weather floor mats?

    Yes, they come with them standard, full coverage front and rear Rear is a 2 piece that snaps (rubber) together and goes under the seat . Very similar to Husky's, but not as thick. Saves me the $$$ from getting a set. Pics from GM accessories...
  4. 2109 Serria denali black window trim

    That's why I just got the AT4 instead, mostly the same but -chrome and a bit of color in the interior to boot. All the other bells and whistles except for the mag ride. Only chrome is the tail pipes and badges. Almost got the satin steel denali as I kept missing it in an AT4 as its a sweet color and hard to get here. But Dark sky was my second choice and I got one with the performance pack so bonus. Your best and cheapest option would be the vinyl like noted above.
  5. AT4 with Duratracs

    Tires are 275/60/20 on an AT4. No issues as they are pretty much standard size. no level "yet". Wheels are RD3: 6 spoke split spoke (12 spoke total) Black gloss painted aluminum, 20x9, 28mm offset.
  6. Console Organizer

    I used the one from my F150 Platinum. Its not as wide which is nice so i can also reach down into the console. Fits perfect in the channel and can move a bit front to back. I was surprised. The truck should have come with one to begin with.
  7. Heads up Display Chevy vs. GMC

    I have audio info on my At4, march build date, not sure what S/W version I am running. Shows Station and/or song, like when I am playing off USB song title shows up.
  8. AT4 with Duratracs

    When i got my AT4 i drove it with the duratracs....ok...since its a dialy driver, did not like them. Then I worked a deal with 20's with K02s on it....so much better tire, no noise until you are at low speed. Handles like a denali. Great tires.
  9. Tonneau Cover

    What I have heard is you lose the handle no matter what, found that out this week after I got a tonneau as part of my deal....the rails go away at the pocket by the tailgate so they come with a clip you install (there are 2 rubber grommets you take out and use the mounting hole and it requires the handle to be removed completely). Else there is nothing for the clip handles at the tailgate to grab onto. Even the GM one is this way. Have not seen any other aftermarket ones yet that use a different method. I also have an AT4...very dissapointed in that for sure. Doh, just noticed you noted rollup....I was referring to a tri-fold.

    Blind Spot is still on mine....AT4
  11. Dyno run before CIA install and after results

    I have an at4 with the "off road" performance kit. There is definitely a difference in performance from the stock 6.2. Drove several and when I drove this one I was sold. Exhaust reminds me of my 03 z06 exhaust, quiet when not on the throttle and grrrrr when you are in it. Also my dealer swapped the 18s with durtracs out for gloss black 20's with K02s and its a great combo....and it did not cost me a dime more. Great deal and dealer.
  12. Options options so many options

    I went with the upper trim (at4) to get the tech package, got spoiled with the 360 cam on my platinum f150, now cant live with out it (bout time GM). GM discounts are good this month, got 15k off MSRP here in AL on a loaded at4 with the 6.2 and the tech package. Hard to find em though unless you like black or white. I have had 3 denalis....now you see em everywhere here, so I went with the at4 for something different.
  13. Here are my thoughts from owning a 15 150 Platinum 5.0 As an intro i traded a 15 denali for the platinum, why....well it had the 360 cam, remote tailgate, adaptive cruise, led everything, better radio, bigger cab, power steps, no afm, better controls (like trailer monitor...), more HP and Torque as I could not get the 6.2 at the time...it just was a nicer truck inside. Just about to pull the trigger on an at4. It is finally is bigger inside and has most of what my f150 has now, and its a 6.2, hud like my vette and 16 acadia denali, and a stock lift, tailgate, and no useless full glass sunroof. downsides are no adaptive, bose is not as well rounded and no power steps (because its an AT4). Just want something different, i have had 3 denalis, still think the GM interior needs help, but its a nicer looking and driving truck to me. Only issue with my f150 is I had the back glass leaking problem where they had to replace it. My at4 is a recent build and has most of the options (like the tech package) so hopefully no issue there. Just waiting for it to get here.
  14. Check here and see if anything comes up. https://recalls.gm.com/#/
  15. 'Interior Driver Assist Handle'

    You can fix this with some fiddling....I found this out by installing a couple for some friends. Some fit better then others. 1. Remove the rubber moulding from the frame, It tends to keep it from fitting. You will need a flat edge to push it back past the handle after its installed 2. The dash can sag on that side, if you have a piece of foam, there is an area on the lower left of the speaker grill where you can wedge it in and raise it about 1/8" that helps with the bottom fit. 3. Make sure the old safety line is not in the way as it pushed on the male tab that goes in the hole near it. Also there are little tabs along the edge, make sure they are not hitting something 4. If its really off you can pull out the metal insert in the trim piece and widen the whole a bit to enable the bottom bolt to mover upward. this keeps it from pulling the bottom up too much. I have been able to get all them to fit as good as the passenger side, but it takes some patience. Also would not be a bad idea to put some Loctite on the bolts so they wont loosen up when you have the fit correct and installed.

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