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  1. Sunday today and I haven’t had the issue once since relocating that sensor. Thank you everyone for the help - saved me a trip to the shop. Pete
  2. I don't want to jinx it but so far, so good. No alarm yesterday at all and I waited outside the truck for a few minutes this morning and it didn't go off (so far). I want to get through the cold spell coming up before I feel like that was the fix. The issue seemed to start shortly after it got cold (though that would maybe make sense with it previously being mounted on that HVAC duct). It's been back in the mid 50's in the morning the past couple days - Friday through the weekend we're looking at high's in the 30's and freezing temps. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for all the suggestions and keeping in tune with my random online ramblings. Pete
  3. Unfortunately, no. Got under there last night and found that sensor. I have no idea why GM put it where they did. The HVAC duct it's attached to flops around and falls off when you lightly pull out on it. Anyway, I moved it from that to the top of the BCM like that PI instructed. I didn't hear it goes off when I walked into this office this morning - i'll find out when I get back out at lunch if that was the issue. Pete
  4. Just a quick update. Left the truck overnight with the battery unhooked. Yesterday it seemed fine, locked multiple times throughout the day without issue. This morning about 1min after getting to work and locking it - beep beep beep. Sigh. Any idea if Oreilly/NAPA etc would have a Tech2 they could just scan? Or do I have to bring it to a shop? Also, if it's that sensor in the PI - where would I look to find that? Curious if I can see it and or move it myself.
  5. I haven't tried resetting the security system - not sure how to do that. Interesting on the inclination sensor. This must be the link you're talking about? https://f01.justanswer.com/Bluegorilla/eb6a2120-7161-4d50-896c-87321583fd14_My_Boot_Camp_printed_document.pdf I suppose it's a possibility, though it seems odd it'd just randomly start. That said, it finally got cool here the past couple weeks so the heat is actually running in the truck. Hmm.
  6. No one tried to steal it, I've watch it happen on its own previously. The new battery I put in has a date of 9/19. I cleaned up the terminals but no sign of corrosion. I don't think it's a draw on the battery. Most times this happens 1-2 min after I lock the truck. More than likely unrelated but about 2 weeks ago my son set off the alarm in the truck by rocking it when locked. I never had the issue up to that point. Could there be something weird with the motion sensor? Not sure where that is or how to test it.
  7. Well that wasn't the issue - new battery installed yesterday. Co-worker that just walked in said my suburban was in the parking lot flashing with the alarm going off. Any other thoughts?
  8. I didn’t stop at a garage but I bought a new battery for kicks to try it out. Figure it’s not a bad idea to replace a 5 year old battery anyway. The ‘old’ battery showed 12.6 volts at rest with a multimeter so I’m thinking that’s maybe not the issue. We’ll see.
  9. Interesting. I've had no issues with starting the truck etc. I purchased the truck used but have all the service records. It looks like the battery was replaced Oct 2014 at 32,000 miles. So it's 5 years old and has 90,000 miles of use.
  10. Hi all, I’ve got a 2012 Suburban LT 5.3 That recently started doing something odd. Starting about a week ago I noticed when I hit unlock on the FOB it did three short horn beeps, something it’d never done before. I wrote it off as a fluke but noticed it did that randomly throughout the week when unlocking. Two days ago I had it parked in my driveway and the panic alarm started going off for no reason. By the time I got outside it stopped on it’s own and when I went to unlock it, three short horn beeps. i can assume that every time I’ve come up to the truck in the past week and had the 3 horn beeps the alarm probably had gone off prior in the parking lot. Has as anyone ever heard of anything like this? I’m stumped and any help would help thanks, Pete
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