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  1. Service Rear Camera System

    I'm not sure how different it is from a 2014, but I used to get that on my 14' from time to time. It was a loose wire on that big block of wires above the brake petal. Put the truck in reverse w/ the parking brake on, push on all those tiny wires, I'd bet it pops back on.
  2. Correct UCA/LCA 14' Silverado

    Anyone? Bueller?
  3. Can someone recommend a decent UCA/LCA for my 2014 Silverado? When I look online at parts I'm seeing a lot that say '4x4 w/o off road package' and some that don't specify one way or the other... What's the difference? My truck is a 2014 4x4 z71 - no leveling kit - I don't want to order the wrong parts and pay to ship it back.
  4. Oil Pump failure

    Cold idle is around 50-55, warm idle is 38-40, driving is around 45-50
  5. Oil Pump failure

    Interesting. I had basically the exact same thing happen, same code, etc. Noise started when it was -20 or colder and I chalked it up to the cold. Only difference is mine eventually grenaded. I do wonder the same thing. I've got 300 miles on the truck since I got the oil pump replaced (was done at a local shop). They said everything looked clean and they didn't find any shavings etc. They do want me to change the oil again in 1500 miles though. Unfortunately mine wasn't under warranty and cost me a little over $2500. Truck seems find now however I do question the longevity of these things. For a 2014 pickup, I've stuck way too much $ into it. Here's the thread on my issue -
  6. Shark fin antenna

    $430 seems cheap from what I remember - I believe mine was $600+ to have replaced. Worst part is, I didn't use or have navigation - that stupid thing leaked!
  7. Not sure if anyone is still following this thread but the shop just sent me a picture of my oil pump. She gone
  8. Confirmed it has zero oil pressure - not just the sensor. Estimated around $2500 for repairs, hopefully get it back by the end of the week. Depressing.
  9. Well... bad news. Put BG EPR in for 10 min or so, changed the oil again. Still the same whine and pressures were the same (but stable). Coming home from getting my kid at daycare, dash lights blow up and pressure dropped to zero.
  10. Here are the dealer notes: "Scanned vehicle for codes, found P06DD, did diag., found oil pump relief valve stuck causing lower oil pressure, found bulletin pertaining to this issues, would also need to check rod and main bearings for any damage after oil pan is removed, reed to replace oil pump and check bearings."
  11. Dealer came back saying it's low because of the oil pressure relief valve. They want to replace the oil pump for roughly $2500... Does anyone know how that valve works? Can I try some type of conditioner or additive in the oil to loosen whatever crud is holding it open? (thinking like a Lucus engine treatment or marval mystery oil...) Thinking a last ditch effort before paying for the work to be done. Pete
  12. Anyone? Truck is going to the dealer tomorrow. We’ll see what they say.
  13. The truck has had a BlackBear tune for the past 35k or so and with that turned off AFM.
  14. Oil Pump failure

    Does anyone know the cost to replace an oil pump on one of these motors? Out of warranty?
  15. The shop didn’t pinpoint the issue entirely but said they’re guessing a relief valve on the oil pump being stuck. That make sense? Recommended trying an additive and if that doesn’t help to bring in and they’ll tear it down, but it wouldn’t be cheap. :-|

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