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  1. Glad you found the problem. Check back when repairs are done. Hope it turns out well.
  2. Front end help , need sum exp.

    Did you check your front cv shafts? Pops/clicks on hard turns tend to be CV joint. Is it when you turn in one direction or both? Frankly if they look old or original, I'd go ahead & replace them both. If one is going the other is probably not far behind.
  3. No insult intended but soapy water may not be very helpful to find a coolant leak. You need everything clean & dry then pressure check the system. Also the balloons on the tail pipe won't help as there are preexisting drain holes in your exhaust system. Did you check over your radiator & connections? With modern radiators being more plastic then before tend to crack easier with age. However it still could be a head gasket. It could be leaking internally. You will need to get a camera in through a spark plug hole or pull the heads to find out for sure.
  4. This ^^^^. After all the cap is how the pressure is allowed to develop.
  5. Grinding noise.

    What is the fluid levels & condition of your drive line? I.e. front/rear diff, trans, transfer case.
  6. Personally if it's only seeping, I would just keep an eye on it & keep it topped off. I'm not sure but 2-3 hours seems a bit much. When I replaced the same seal on my previous truck, 06 Sierra, it took me a total of 2 hours including the necessary beer break...or two.
  7. Spark plug gap

    I don't have a link or document handy but GM put out a notice years ago now changing the gap from .060" to .040". When I changed my plugs on my truck I also set the gap to .040". You'll be fine with that gap.
  8. Retirement

    No worries. Our journey to The Last Frontier is to begin this coming Tuesday. We are planning a whole summer of driving across the US & then up through Canada. Don't have a specific itinerary but it should one heck of a good time for all.
  9. Retirement

    I've only ever driven through OK a few times. Never know I've met a lot of people in the 20 years.
  10. Retirement

    Thank you all for your kind words. My career was in Aerospace Ground Equipment...AGE for short. The only thing I didn't work on was the aircraft. Heaters, air conditioners, generators, hydraulic test stands, light all's, maintenance stands of all kinds, aircraft jacks & on & on & on. I worked every position & duty ending with being the Flight Chief. Now to have my first summer vacation in 20 years. Then figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up...😃
  11. Retirement

    Today I retired from active duty US Air Force. The ceremony went off without a hitch. So many great times, people & places. It has been a outstanding experience & don't regret joining. 20 years & 14 days. Now to get to the celebration portion of events.
  12. New from Phoenix AZ

  13. 2003 GMC Sierra rear diff posi

    Have fast were you spinning the tires? I only ask because the GM Factory G80 locking rear will only locking while wheels are spinning around 20mph or less.
  14. 2002 2500hd tailights to 2003-2006

    I'm not sure if they do or not, but if your friend is willing I'd test fit them to ensure they fit and work.
  15. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Well that last picture being one with the car on a dealer lot tells me the 1,000 words or "personal reasons" I would think scam.

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