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  1. welll.......i went out to do battle with it again! How could i have been so blind last night when installing it......that black wire was too obvious and the one that i needed to attatch it to was in the brownish plug.... I had some time to clean things up and wire tie it to look a little better under there. Thanks for the tip on the grey loom/switch being the driver's side....the picture shows the grey switch on the passenger side.......Now i just have to go get it hooked up in the computer. My switches match the dash perfect.....you would never know that it didnt roll out of the factory like this! ***UPDATE**** Went to the dealership and was ina and out in 20 minutes....NO COST! Awesome......everything works grat and the directions posted on here are right on. If anybody doubts whether they can do this mod by themselves or not, It is pretty easy if you take your time and follow the directions. It took me a total of 4 hours from beginning to end. Gimme a hollar if you have questions if you are going to do your install, I can probably talk you through any issues!
  2. "Don't forget the ground wire taped to the 8-way connector wiring on the new harness! It gets spliced into the heavy black wire (looks like @ 16ga) in the next 8-way connector up on the junction block. On my truck (no rear seat entertainment center or powered side steps) the next connector up on the junction block was after an empty spot. The pictures kind of show this in picture #44. By the persons lower finger is the cream colored 4-way connector and to its left is an un-populated socket on the junction block and then the next space up is where the new 8-way connector is plugged in. Above that is another empty (on my truck) spot and then the connector with the heavy ground wire in the lower left (as you look at the rear of the connector) corner" i got mine installed today....a little tough to figure out wtf they meant by the wires in "M3" i figured it was 3 from the right and 3 from the top.......never did see where that black ground wire you are talking about is......can you take a picture for me? I know its a pain in the but to do but im a little lost and dont want to go to the dealership for the ecm flash until i get it right. Thanks in advance
  3. good videos. both are about the bottom. did you have a link to the top? Dont have a video to the top but.....the biggest pain is the back plastic part on the back of the seat. After that is rremoved, there are just a couple little clamps that keep the cover from being pulled up enough to get the heaters in. To get this piece off, lay the seat face down A$$ up with the headrest the furthest away from you....the bottom of the seat should be facing you now.......stick a screwdriver under the plastic piece and move it toward either left or right until you feel a clip. take another screwdriver and push it toward the headrest until it unclips......place something in the gap to keep it from popping back in place......now go to the oppisite one on the bottom side........Now there are 2 per side running up each side of the seat plastic piece.......repeat the process until these are all "unclipped" then the top should slide right out. Hope this isnt too confusing. I will take pictures when i do mine so it is a little more clear.
  4. here are some videos that will help with the installation. YOu can take as much or as little as you want from them. Bottom of seat install top install
  5. Where? replied back to your PM If you sent me something I diddnt get it I got it from a dealer in Houston, It was a black-friday only sale that they had a misprint on in their facebook page.. I took advantage of the sweet deal '
  6. The camera flash high-lighted the shading difference. Under natural light I can barely tell the difference. If I use the map light on the passenger side I can see the difference but it still not as pronounced as it is in the picture. Since a camera flash is usually a zenon filled strobe tube, it is putting out a whiter (higher color temperature) light than natural light (camera people help me out here) and so is showing the color difference more. Think of a halogen light source since zenon is one of the halogen gasses. The LED's in the switches are yellow and in any sort of light invisible to the driver. Kinda sucks. The passenger can see them clearly though. I have to lean over a bit to make sure I have them turned off or adjusted as I wanted them to be since I can not see the LED's. At night,the LED's are visible. Just ordered this kit today....261.00 shipped to my door....cant wait to get them and get them installed!!!!
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