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  1. Well we are about 95 percent sure that it is a battery issue. wife tried killing the battery last night to take to dealer today, but it still started, (took a few moments though), she is going to wait until it doesnt start before she actually takes it again. She has a back up car at the house incase it wont start she we arent worried just yet. But we are going to try and push for a new battery when she does go back to the dealer. Still like it though.
  2. I get a call yesterday from the wife about her car not starting, I am away for business. I am not worried about the her being without a vehicle, she has her parents close by and she has knows her way around troubleshooting vehicles. But when she went out to head to work at about 9 am her Acadia wouldn't start. It did have enough power to run all the diagnostics, she called OnStar through the car and they did their Diagnostic and couldn't find anything wrong, just to take it to dealer asap. Acadia is relatively new, got it in Nov. Thinking it is a little soon for the battery to go out. She did say that the temperature did drop like 20 degrees over night and it was still could. She charged the battery for like 4 hours yesterday, drove it to the dealer this morning, where they did all their test and charged the battery for another 81 minutes and said their was nothing wrong. Hoping they would replace the battery under warrenty but they didn't. Anyone else having any issues with Batteries or Drainage? Any idea what could be causing this. Got my truck the same time she got her Acadia and I going through about the same weather changes she is but no issues with the truck (knock on wood).

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