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  1. Amp / Sub install on the '12 http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=145740
  2. The LQ4 will probably be cheaper to acquire, and you said your doing heads / cam anyhow, so LQ4 Shorty headers aren't worth the expense. Go long tubes or stick with factory manifolds. It's a truck, and you want torque, and you want it down low. Get a positive displacement / roots blower. I had a maggie on a few cars and they are awesome. I'd go Magnuson. TVS1900. As for a cam, I'd run a LPE GT2-3 and either vette "yellow" valve springs, or comp 918's. I had the GT2-3 in my GTO for a while, and it ran and drove like stock, but picked up on top end, and it's a very blower friendly cam thats not to hard on springs.
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