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  1. Well you need to trim the very bottom of the front fender liner at the back for 275 60 20 +14 but nothing major
  2. In theory the 305 on the +14 offset will stick out the same as the 275 on a +1. 275/60 on a +1 will defo rub, I have 275/60 on 20x9 +14, I wish I had around zero tho, that extra half inch would be perfect just at or maybe a touch outside the fender.
  3. Does that mean I can not tell you how to do it? if it is a 2007 it is fuse 47 under the hood, if it is a 2008 up it is fuse 22 in the cabin. I guess they didn't cover that in marketing class.
  4. This thread is getting to the point where it is completely out of control and I acknowledge that a lot of that is my doing BUT I have to ask you one question. Were you honestly surprised that they knew where you were? Did you not sit back and think to yourself this is how the system works? I mean if you were driving somewhere you didn't know and you needed roadside assistance you can do it the way people without gps do and get all pissed off and try and describe where you are or by hitting onstar they know exactly where you are and they send someone to you. My mother has driven nissans since the 80s and this spring she came out of work to a flat tire, she called road side assistance and they had no idea where she was even though she repeatedly gave them the street address of where the vehicle was. They called her back and said that they dont know where she is and cant get a tow truck to her after about 30 minutes and said so you have to find your own assistance and we will reimburse up to $50. So she called me and I changed it for her in the end. It is situations like this onstar is designed for and why I cant understand why people are so worked up about the thing when it provides an extra level of service for themselves or their family.
  5. You make zero intelligible points, you made two comments to me, I responded to them, basically you thought that you would try and make smart ass comments to me and it would annoy me or I wouldn't know how to respond and you'd be super cool on the forums. Personally I feel as though you should check out http://seasteading.org/ maybe if they ever get that going you could move there, prob have to sell the truck tho.
  6. You do not get a ticket if someone else is driving the vehicle though, you have the option to sign an affidavit stating who was driving the vehicle at the time. Most systems now record an image of the driver as well to prevent people passing the points off to someone else drivers licence. When did I say that? Of course I have broken "some kind of regulation" while driving, I have long given up excessive speeding and such tho because it just is not worth it anymore with price of gas and insurance rates after a ticket. If you must know I had a ticket in 2003 for doing 133km/h in a 110km/h zone, a ticket in 2005 for not obeying traffic signs the cop let me off of doing 77km/h in a 50km/h, and a ticket in 2010 for breaking some kind of noise bylaw. And I have been pulled over for driving left of center on a residential street, burnt out tail light, driving what the officer said was to fast into a merge lane with a yield sign, driving wrong way down a one way street, and there once there was a whole big thing when I had my plates stolen.
  7. I do not remember stating I spoke with a customer service rep nor do I remember speaking with one, maybe you should not read into things and make assumptions when someone says they spoke with onstar. You further back up my point you do not understand what they planed do with the information they were going to sell which was anonymized meaning they can not find out it was you who drove 50k miles last year. Just to shut everyone up about the insurance thing, I am going to give some free advice. Insurance contracts are considered to be what is called of utmost good faith, meaning that if the inured person knowingly withheld information they knew would be relevant to the insurance policy or they made false declarations in the application process the insurer is able to rescind the policy. Meaning that if you total your vehicle and have claimed to drive low miles which is false or claimed to use it for pleasure only which is false and it was totaled in one of those activities they can simply return any money paid to them and act as if you never had a policy. So I would think twice before you incorrectly state your mileage to save a few hundred dollars. I tried to find that an could not, any idea where when it might have been? You are correct as of now if you have an expired service and you crash they will not be notified as they do not maintain a data connection with your vehicle once it is expired you can initiate contact through the emergency button and they will send you an ambulance without making you sign up first though.
  8. First off you are using the term due diligence incorrectly. If you were in a crash and hit the blue onstar button then they would absolutely send you assistance whether you paid for it or not. They have a civil legal obligation to do so as they have sufficient proximity to you to establish a duty of care under tort law. Which basically means if you pressed the blue button and they told you no help and you died your wife could sue them into the stone age and since it would be the first case of the nature and the way american lawyers like to work they would go for exemplary damages likely around 100 million.
  9. How would I feel? Fine... If I am paying for something I use then it has to be done. Your logic makes zero sense, this is nothing but people bitching because they want to be dishonest or bend the rules. Think of it this way you go to work and you work 2500 hours a year and then the company average is 1600 a year so they say oh well we will just pay you for the average hours worked, would you think that was fair? Insurance companies already have a general idea of where you live and drive anyway by your address. For instance if you live in a part of new york that is usually on fire and leave your vehicle on the street you will pay a lot more than if you live in some small town in maine with a garage kept vehicle. This is all irrelevant any way since they were not going to sell specific data from specific vehicles to anyone who asked. They were only going to provide specific data with a court order for it and guess what thats the same way it is now and always has been. What they were going to sell was databases that give an indication of driving habits without knowing who actually drove them. This would have been sold to companies such as oil companies so they could engineer tests that reflect real world use to optimize their product or restaurant chains to determine traffic in a given area to decide on locations, and other things. Also it would be valuable research information to help determine road safety and usage. Most people, including you, have no idea what they were doing and dont realize they were never going to get a ticket or higher insurance premium from it. There is seemingly no reasoning either so I shall just let you continue to think whatever you want.
  10. Well everyone can stop panicking as onstar have reverted back to the old terms and conditions just over an hour ago. I had a lengthy conversation with onstar about the issue just now and I would like to make a few points. First off as I stated many replies ago, that noone listened too, if you want to totally disable onstar you arrange it through your dealer. Had you have done this under the new terms and condition it would have been free as they had to offer it free to give you the option of not excepting the terms. Now however if you want to be totally disabled you will have to either do it yourself or go to the dealer and pay standard shop rates. Now as it stands if you do not want to be tracked you just call up and cancel the service if you pay for it. This leaves the modules intact in the vehicle so that at some point in time it could be restored by simply calling them. None of the services will work and they will not be notified if you are involved in a crash. So just to be clear if you do not pay the fee they have no idea what you are doing, you can leave the module connected. Finally the paranoia of a few will almost certainly cost the lives of others as onstar having a connection to a vehicle without an active plan means that in the event of a crash they would have been notified and would have acted on it. I find it extremely hard to swallow that millions of people could have had crash response in exchange for onstar selling some data of people who do not care that they sell it. However because a few people are so paranoid that someone might give them a ticket because they deserved one, confirmed them at fault in an accident when they were at fault, or maybe even called a subscriber and said their husbands vehicle was always parked out side of a strip club and told her maybe her marriage was not going to work out that now someone somewhere could be involved in a single vehicle accident on a deserted road and no one will know until it is too late. So if you bitched about onstar tracking you and that happens to someone you know realize that next time you should think before you act and ask questions rather than make statements.
  11. Metra makes the best kit, any double din will work, a 7in screen is the biggest you will find
  12. You're a moron. If people don't want to be tracked that should be their choice. Not the government or a private company. Now, go sit in the corner with your dunce cap on. How am I a moron? I actually posted a way to get rid of onstar in another thread, I will repost it here for you... I have over a dozen years of experience with car stereos and the like so I decided I would figure out a way for all of you guys that want to permanently disable it, what you need to do is get yourself some gas, if you have some in your tank you can use that, then a lighter and burn the thing to the ground. This will solve all of your problems, not only will onstar not be able to track you but you will no longer be able to use the vehicle for the activities you are paranoid about people finding out about so basically it is win win for you to burn the truck to the ground.
  13. Maybe you wouldn't object to having OnStar release your MPH information to your insurance company. No I wouldn't, because I drive a pick up truck on a public road, add in the cost of fuel these days and what a speeding ticket does to you're insurance bill I don't speed.
  14. I am honestly starting to think you are insane or a terrible driver or both...You are seemingly paranoid about crashing your truck into someone and being sued, maybe it is best if you just sell the truck and buy a bus pass
  15. The idea that you could get a speeding ticket from onstar is insane and anyone who makes that statement has no idea of how the law works. The concept is valid but it would be only ever happen with government supplied equipment that was exhaustively researched and tested on a regular basis. Speed cameras will be around for many more years before that happens. If you really want it disabled call onstar and tell them that you do not consent to them collecting your personal data and you want them to arrange with your local dealer to have the system disabled.
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