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  1. WTB- GMT-900 Cleared Sierra Headlights

    Bump.. nobody still doing these?
  2. Hey Guys, I would like to find a pair of cleared sierra headlights. I know i could just do my own, but I have another project in mind for them.
  3. Zone+ready lift and tire

    Rubbed only a little with the level and stock rims so i added the bodylift before putting these rims on, and no rubbing since... maybe it was the offset/backspacing of your rims?
  4. Zone+ready lift and tire

    That's what I'm thinking. I'm kind of hoping someone is running this size with a similar amount of lift, even any one with the RC 3.5"?
  5. Zone+ready lift and tire

    Sorry for the double pics... But anyways, that's how my truck sits now with the 305's
  6. Hey guys, so I've done some search and can't find the answer to my question.. I'm currently running a readylift level and zone 1 1/2" body-lift.. I have zero rubbing or trimming to fit my fuel hostage 20x9 +20m rims with 305 55 trail grapplers.. I have a chance to get some 295 60 (34x12.5) for very cheap. I'm wondering if anyone has these with a similar setup and if so, how much trimming did you need?
  7. New from Ontario

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback
  8. New from Ontario

    Hey guys! I'v been a member for a while now but only as an observer and thought I'd finally introduce myself and my truck. its a 2008 deep blue metallic Sierra. I've installed a readylift leveling kit, Zone 1/5" body lift and it sit on 20x9 Fuel hostages and 305 55 trail Grapplers as it sits now (i know its filthy) some older pics

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