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  1. Which wheel is that? 20"? 22"? Looks good!
  2. I order a 2020 DC LTZ 6.2 on 1-24-20. TPW in Ft Wayne was 2-17-20. Truck was unloaded from rail on 2-27-20 in Colorado. Awaiting truck transport to me in South Dakota. Should be here Monday!!
  3. I pm'd chevy customer service rep on here and they told me it's at status 4800(unload off rail at carrier). So should see it by end of the week.
  4. Wondering if someone can get me some info on where my truck is at? Checked www.chevrolet.com/tracking but only says shipped/en route, maybe that's as good as info i can get. Here is the order # RRWG8H Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. I'm in Rapid City,SD
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