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  1. Thanks for the information. I guess my only question from that information and the example you gave is how are you figuring out what the 209, 109, 309, 310, 314, 318, 105, 107 and so on mean? I guess if it starts with a 1 its a 1500 and a 2 its a 2500 and so on? Do those maybe refer to frames or maybe box sizes 6' or 8' or something else all together?
  2. Trying to figure out how to read some of the different codes that are shown in the GM parts breakdown. C1,2,309(03-43-53) C310, C314, C318, C1,2(06) CK1,2(06-16) C109(06) CK107(06) CK310 CK1,2,3(03-43-53) CK107,207(03-53) Those are just a few of the examples that I am referring to. I know the C means two wheel drive and the K means 4 wheel drive and the 03-43-53 are the different body codes regular cab, crew cab and double cab respectively. When they list it such as C1,2,3 is that referring to 1500, 2500, and 3500? I am trying to find out what some of the others mean like the C310, CK107,207 and the other numbers that appear in parentheses. The parts manual these numbers are shown in is linked below. I know it's probably easy to read when you know what the different numbers are referring to but have searched and came up empty as to what they all mean and or how to read them. I have listing of the RPO codes but nothing dealing with these. If there is a listing somewhere that describes how to interrupt them that would be great. 53C - C Pickup - 03,43,53 Bodystyle (2WD) 1992 - 1996 USA/CAN
  3. I was looking for the complete parts breakdown online download copy preferably just like what you see if you go to the dealer. I find myself always looking for a different part all the time and would just like to have the complete manual to reference. I tend to keep my vehicles a long time and do most of my own work and research.
  4. Is there anywhere online or a site that you can find a full parts breakdown manual like the ones the dealers refer to when you order parts? I am searching in particular for one on a 92 GMC Sierra C1500. I have all the service manuals but would like to find a complete parts breakdown showing part numbers and such on the truck. Thanks
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