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  1. Looks like I fell victim to this too, are there any write-ups on removing the blower motor to clean it out?
  2. I have a feeling those are going to be the production mirrors, with a power slide mechanism. Notice how some of the mirrors are slid out past the horizontal arm. Seems like this is their answer to power fold/power extend tow mirrors. Too bad they look like dodge mirrors flipped up.
  3. do you have a picture? My 18 SLT has the standard steel rim.
  4. Here are a couple more that show my thought process a bit better. Would like to get some sort of bolt or screw through the bottom.
  5. Here's my 2018 with memory seats, let me know if you need any other pics, be glad to help you out.
  6. Didn't realize that the picture got rotated, but the bracket is in front of the shutters, the wood block is in the grill opening, and the upright of the bracket is facing the shutters. This picture should show my idea a bit better.
  7. I thought of this for mounting some Baja Designs S2 Pro's, as they are small and light and should put out good light still. That being said, what are your thoughts on if this mount will work/hold up? The plan is to use 3m double sided tape on the bottom and under the top to attach to the grille for more support. Hopefully the pictures will show what I am thinking about.
  8. I wouldn't worry about a bit of water at all, the system uses two trap doors actually, after the first(outer) one there is a compartment with a drain hole at the bottom, then another trap door that actually goes to the tank. That is why GM includes the little funnel with the trucks, to get past the second trap door, and trust me, it's needed for adding fuel de-icer or additives to the tank, and not the ground below the truck.
  9. There appears to be multiple part numbers for these wheels. So far I have found 20937770, 209379650, 20939785, 22815067 and all seem to reference the machined face. I am sure I have seen them without the machined face, but could be mistaken, but then why so many part numbers for the same wheel?
  10. Does anyone know the part number for the 18" GMC wheels in the full painted finish(not the machined faces) I believe the wheel number is 5649. I really like these wheels, but am having trouble finding a set to buy to replace my factory 20's It looks like the attached image.
  11. That is the beauty of having air bags in the rear, truck sits the same regardless of the load in the rear. I wish more companies offered them from the factory, seems to be more important now with softer suspension and brighter headlights.
  12. used to get flashed a fair bit until I realized that the dealer did not adjust the headlights after the level was installed. Since then I haven't been flashed. Took 1.5 turns on my 18 with a 2.5" front 1" rear level kit.
  13. I ordered the husky x-act for the front on my 18, I loved the factory floor liners, but was infuriated about the driver mat missing such a large part under the gas pedal. I have only replaced the driver mat, and will use the factory mats for the passenger side and rear.
  14. if you pop off the cover over the rad, you can run the block heater cord beside the upper rad hose, then across the rad, then out through the "scoop" on the upper passenger side. There is just enough cord to reach this spot, and it is the best I could figure out with all of the air seals on these new trucks with the active shutters.
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