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  1. I was looking at (and I confess, admiring) my new GMC HD yesterday then I noticed that the front bumper is out of alignment. It's about 1/2 inch lower on the driver's side, gives it a crooked smile. I see some folks in the 1500 line have seen this, anyone on the new HDs? If so, did you get it adjusted or how did you do it? Thanks much.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Colossus. Shared with them this morning.
  3. I just had the same problem. Dealer pressure tested it over the weekend, ran the system hot and found a defective lower radiator hose. Only leaked when it was hot and pressurized. Said it has about 8 connections on that hose. Dealer told me that hose was $295! Glad for warranties......
  4. I read that TSB, just wanted to share that mine was a defective hose and not one of the initial ones.
  5. I've seen several posts about low coolant messages on new 2500 HD Duramax engines. My new Silverado had this issue. At about 1500 miles, message came on and the dealership filled the reservoir and bled the system. Message came on again about 3,000 miles, so it went back to the dealership. The dealer pressurized the system over the weekend and then ran the system until hot. Turns out the lower radiator hose had a small defect. This hose apparently has several hoses that are attached to it. Technician said he hoped to never have to work on one again, lol. Wanted to share with you so that if you have this issue, have the dealer check the lower radiator hose system for defects. Other than that, this truck is awesome.
  6. UGH....after 15,000 miles of perfection, the truck developed a wicked vibration. Had the tires rebalanced, now going to the dealer tomorrow. After reading as many of these pages as I could, it seems there isn't a standard fix, it's a lollygag of items thrown at the truck. I hope my experience doesn't mirror the experience of a few of you poor owners on this issue! Overall though, I'm really happy with the truck, I just hope it stays that way.
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