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  1. Heres how I ended up today. Might need to put my flaps back on.
  2. I have stone chips from my stock wheels and even had no drill flaps on, I took those off because they would causing more rubbing damage that they were preventing.
  3. This was my 2000 I can't remember the off set I got way back then, but I always liked them.
  4. Looks good Daryl Z71 thx for the pictures. I like that offset, You don't think it too much do you? the guy at the tire store had me worried when he started talking about how far a 0 offset would stick out. I'm thinking the 265/70/17 are the way to go, mainly because I don't drive this truck much and when I do it's towing our travel trailer. That's also why it's not leveled. If you have any side views from the front or back I would like to see them. Thx again for your help.
  5. im pretty sure theses are the same proline wheels I got. Do you guys think these are 265 series tires?
  6. Just got a smoken deal on some 17" X 8" wheels. The problem is the 0mm off set. Now I'm worried they might stick out too far? Before I go get a set of 265/70/17 KO2's mounted up I was looking for some pictures and thoughts. Thx.
  7. Kinda like this look. Anybody know who's truck this is?
  8. Also does anybody have TKO2's on these stock 18"s with white letters out? Pictures?
  9. I need help deciding if this is the best way to go or not. I have a 2012 Sierra crew cab with stock 18" wheels and no level. Looking at some after market 17x8" wheels with 0mm backspacing. How far will these stick out? Thinking 275-70-17 BFG TKO2's will these fit OK without a level? So I'm wondering about the 0mm offset and the tires fitting without rub. Please if you have this set up post some pictures. Thanks for the help.
  10. LTeddy, Nice! What size are those? Stock? They only come in a ten ply right? How do you like the ride.
  11. how do they ride? They have always been my favorite. But they aren't recommended for 1500 trucks? According to the BFG website and my local discount tire. I'm thinking of going with them on my 18" wheels.
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