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  1. how to remove air duct

    Deep creep & a pair of pliers?
  2. Let mine get up to at least 160 F before I put a load on the engine. Oil is definitely circulating by then, but more importantly the different metals have expanded sufficiently by 160 and above.
  3. My 2007 5.3 sits steady at 210. Never goes over.
  4. 4L80E problems

    Oh just being a transmission specialist / rebuilder for well over a decade.
  5. 4L80E problems

    I had a similar issue with my 4l80e. Put a larger cooler on it and the same thing happened. There is a temperature sensor in the transmission. When the trans fluid goes below a certain temp, torque converter lockup is canceled. When the temp goes above that temp, it is re-enabled. When your torque converter is in lockup mode, the transmission is in a "cooling and overdrive planetary lube" mode. With the larger cooler it is going below the temperature range that allows this when in lockup. Not going into lockup with the 4l80e due to over cooling will not damage anything. It will just affect your mpg.
  6. Stock speakers are known to be crap. They either go out or are intermittent. Usually a simple fix: replace your speakers. Go with a better quality and it will sound better than the originals ever did. For more info on this issue and instructions for replacing with aftermarket speakers, search the forums. It's been covered several times.
  7. 35" Tires

  8. 35" Tires

    Another Crestucky boy. If I had a lift.....
  9. What do you do for work?

    10+ years custom transmission building. For hire live & session musician. Now self employed ground penetrating radar business & computer, web, smartphone repair/modding business. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  10. How many miles were on your truck? You mentioned it was a few months old. There might be a chance that you didn't have enough miles on it yet and the computer was still in break in which doesn't allow full power. Just a thought. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

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