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  1. My wife and I are currently looking at trading our '15 Tahoe LTZ in on a 1/2 Ton Silverado, and this is one issue I'm seeing. No mirror lighting, no auto-dimming rear view mirror, no memory seats, and no power passenger seat. On a $55,000+ truck these should be standard features! I can't believe the mark up on the T1 trucks compared to the K2 trucks. It's ridiculous.
  2. As the title states I’m looking for some cross rails for my 2015 Tahoe. If anyone has any for sale, please let me know.
  3. I messaged a GM rep on here and no one ever got back with me.
  4. I had the same problem with my SLE All Terrain Sierra. The dealer needs to call GM Tech support and get a VCI number from them. This basically let's GM write a program for your SUV/truck telling it that it now has heated seats. I did the very same thing as you. Installed the kit and no lights, no power, nothing. Had the dealer try to program and still nothing. Went back and triple checked my wiring and everything was correct. So I looked around and found out about the VCI number and took it back to the dealer. Took them about an hour on the phone and as soon as the tech entered the code that GM gave them the seats came right on and are working like a champ!
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