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  1. Range doesn't tune or remap the ecu. All it does is send a signal to it saying the truck needs v8 the same signal you send when you hit the gas hard enough to kick in v8. That's my understanding of it.
  2. I am not a beta tester but I got my range device about 10,000 miles ago and I love it. No problems at all with it and they said the 2013 works for the 2014 and it does. I hate driving to the dealership to get oil changes without it. I believe it is the best 199 I've spent on my truck.
  3. Get the range device and get rid of v4.
  4. The vibration is present in my truck but not near bad enough to wright a essay on this forum
  5. I agree, keyless start is a joke and hopefully it will never show up on trucks.
  6. Anyone get the range yet? I was wondering if there are any problems with it. I read in some vehicles it can mess with the stabilitrack.
  7. Nice review. My next truck has to be a 6.2 but I know I could never get good gas mileage in one!
  8. Mine does it also. I don't reply worry about it. I figured it was some kind of high output fuel pump for the direct injection. That's probably not what it is but it makes me feel better. My truck has 11,000 miles now and has done it since day 1.
  9. Well I laughed when I opened this thread. I was thinking what is wrong with these people and now I watch to see where I grab the door and if it leaves any finger prints when I close the door. Thanks for giving me another thing to worry about! Lol
  10. No way will I let the dealership tear my dash apart I would rather have no lights than rattles forever!
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