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  1. The mpg actually got better, no kidding!!! Road noise is not as bad as you may think. However, I will say... The weight of the tires are too much for the truck. It weights it down and slows it down. Unless you really need them, don't get the berry tires!
  2. I can't tell you, I don't have that truck anymore. I now have a 2500hd.
  3. When he mentioned the whole balancing thing I knew he was bs. In the end, although he explained more than anyone else has before him. It didn't matter because I had already ordered my new truck and this one is a goner ! Tundra TRD PRO can't wait till it gets here!!
  4. First of all, not " my mechanic ". Second of all, if you read what I wrote, you will realize I said he never diagnosed my vibration that we are all having.
  5. So according to the dealer I recently went to, who may I add has a " GM World Tech " as their manager. A lot of the issues are normal. He explained that the vibration at a stand still ( red light, stop or idle) are caused by the new engine. It has no over head cams, it's a old style push rod motor with no balancer. All this to create a fuel efficient motor. However, he did say a new motor is to come out soon, not sure when. The trans that feel like a double shift is also normal. It's caused by the " torque converter locking up for more power". Apparently the older models did this only on third or fourth gear. Now it starts from second and goes all the way to sixth. He did diagnose my vibration that we are all having cause I have aftermarket wheels and a lift.
  6. They deff. Are different. I'm taking my trade and leaving GM for good. Never in my life have I had such horrible Service with a new truck. I had better service from joe shmo the mechanic
  7. How? My value is 40-41with 26,660miles original price 48,600 crew cab ltz2 fully loaded 4x4
  8. Thanks! I thought they only fit from 07-15, but you are right.
  9. Thank you!!, they are a deep dish wheel. It has a 5" lip with a 4.5" backspacing. Offset is -25. It sounds like a lot, but it only pushes your tire out by two inches. Thanks for the price comment! I know I'm going to loose, but I have to sell them. Especially since I'm getting rid of the truck.
  10. Lmao, although the price I'm asking is high. I'm still taking a huge loss on them.
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