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  1. I too had one.. Best vehicle I've ever owned, never once got stuck no matter what you put it through. Made some good memories with it for sure. Mine was a 97, your 99 looks pristine in that photo.
  2. Buick Lacrosse for me, had it for almost a month. Customer service at dealerships I've dealt with is always piss poor after sale.
  3. I like the concept of a slightly modded truck, but I think they could have done a lot better. I think the GMC customer tends to like a more upscale look and these look cheap IMO.
  4. NB-NATE, what size and type of lift is that? Tire size? BFG's look good on that truck.. I used to have an S-10 ZR2 that same color and loved it..
  5. The re-program didn't fix mine either.. a new power steering rack did though.
  6. All white vehicles get the "rust" looking dots on their cars, I believe it's often called "railhead dust".. What you're seeing is very tiny pieces of metal that float around in the air and get embedded in the clear coat (eventually they rust).. Clay bar it and then wax it..
  7. Snow and Ice has gotten down in there, there's a service bulletin on this so your dealer will be able to pull it up. They install a screen to keep the ice out (Why the hell was this not there in the first place?) and replace the blower motor.. Your passenger side air filter may also need replaced if it got soaked.
  8. I accidentally ripped half of mine off on a snowbank this weekend.. Anybody else have this happen yet? Did you replace it our just leave it? If replaced, what did it cost you?
  9. I did the recall last week and this issue happened for the first time this morning.. And I agree with BringTheRain it sounded like an airplane..The last thing I want to do is go back in to the dealership.. I just got my truck back from a month long power steering debacle..I hate this because you end up being without your truck for days/weeks and they give you a tiny car to drive around..
  10. This same thing with the heater and the loud noise and vibration happened with my truck this morning..Mine sounded like the heater was going to blow right out of the hood of the truck and the vibration got pretty bad..How long did it take to diagnose and replace?
  11. Welcome to the club.http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/155808-power-steering-malfunction-with-remote-start/?hl=%2Bpower+%2Bsteering
  12. Do they not realize how pissed a guy gets when you take away his best friend and replace it with a 4 popper??
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