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  1. Was hoping someone would chime in with potential solutions. I will check the pinion angle tomorrow see how far it's out
  2. well... its a popular tire... anyone else getting that?
  3. before mods no... did lift first then tires 2 days later.... the 2 days inbetween adding tires there was some vibe there but it got more pronounced after the tires went on... but its not shaking rock n roll still its more of a slight shudder ... my lizard brain is leaning towards the driveshaft alignment being slightly out and i can feel it maybe.... I am thinking maybe i need to check angles on the drive shaft to see if they are out of whack but i am not entirely sure of the measurement process and what they were stock... if anyone knows i sure would appreciate... I hate having to deal with dealerships and or shops that could care less and will have me chasing my tail for weeks. I would rather just check and figure it out my damn self then if something needs to be corrected i already know what it is and tell them exactly what to do.
  4. and to answer other post... yes alignment done. actually had it done then rechecked a day or two later due to vibe issue.
  5. that has been done once already and vibe is still there. at 19 on the nose which is weird for a tire issue... it doesnt start and creep up to a vibe its just bam vibe at 19 then gone at 20... wth?
  6. ugh... ok here is the deal. I have vibes at 19mph wether accelerating or decelerating or in nuetral. no vibes after 20mph and not too noticeable if any under 15. Truck is a 2014 silverado high country 4x4 crewcab with short box. 2.25 front level, 2.5 inch rear blocks, 33 inch tires 275/60R20 on stock rims. Tires have been balanced twice last was with Ground force or road force balancer. It only happens at that speed on the dot... load no load etc. Could drive train be slightly out due to the lift etc? i am out of thoughts as it is a specific speed only. things to check? vibes are not crazy bad but they are there so i would like to get rid of em.
  7. Spoke to nitto they said should be fine no prob and that the tires exceed the crap stockers. Also said normal cold psi should be good to go at 32 for the silverado crew cab 4x4.
  8. I do driving in my ranch and i am a sportsman so the truck does see dirt mud etc. by the way its a 2014 Silverado HighCountry 4x4 just as fyi for weight etc. as for towing .... maybe the odd bay boat and or small trailer to hunting property.
  9. Even at a p metric that max pressure seems low to me..... I think I blew it buying these
  10. Oh boy "sigh" I think I may have just Fd up. After days of back and forth regarding a tire selection I finally pulled trigger and now I am worried. I ended up playing it safe and went with 275/60r20 ....so what's the big deal? We'll I selected nitto terra grapplers like everyone and their mother...... So? Well when I got home I noticed something 35 max psi! Wth? Did I magically select the kiddie version of the terra grapplers?
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