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  1. My wife

    I have a friend who will make an "in your face" kind of announcement that he gets pedicures. He does it to see your reaction. The rest of the story is that he is diabetic and has to periodically get his feet (and his eyes) checked. So every couple of months he and his daughter go in for pedicures. Have to appreciate his way of dealing with the issue. My feet? So ugly they make baby snakes cry.
  2. 3 Camera System

    Honestly, I haven't hooked up the third camera. I've been using the cameras on the side mirrors and I am very happy with the perspective they give. Especially if you extend the mirrors. Also, if I use my turn signal the camera shows me the blind spot on that side of the truck. I like that a lot. Very helpful with day-to-day driving. What I plan on doing is to get a two or three wire connector and temporarily connect the third camera when I need it. I have a spreader light on the top of my boat so I have 12vdc there, just a matter of tapping into it. When I don't need the camera (which would be the normal situation) I would just plug back into the spreader light. Later this summer I plan on trailering the boat to either the eastern shore of Virginia or the outer banks of North Carolina. I'll have the camera system fully hooked up for that.
  3. Structural components and instrument housings. This article was more informative than anything I was able to find. Thanks for posting.
  4. Interesting topic. I think our situations are similar. About the same time that you ordered your truck, I ordered a GMC 2500HD. SLT (general equivalent to Chevy LTZ), blue, value package that included heated seats. Was told delivery in six to eight weeks. Five weeks later I called for status and was told my spot on the production line had been delayed at least a month. No further explanation. Salesman said it was probably the blue color. My guess is it could be the long bed, but with no real explanation it could have been the color. Very disappointed with GM's failure to communicate. The dealership on the other hand jumped through their hind parts to find an acceptable truck. Wrong color, short bed. But it is acceptable. I don't know what GM's problem is with honoring special orders. A little communication would have been nice.
  5. New '18 Silverado 1500 owner checking in!

    Sounds great. You've got a nice truck.
  6. 3 Camera System

    I got a camera on each side mirror and one that I will attached to the boat's hardtop only when I need it to back up. I figure that third camera will give me the perspective to know when I have the trailer lined up going down the ramp, or when I am parking the boat in a crowded boatyard. Driven boats my whole adult life and I am pretty good at it, and trailering is no big deal except for the backing up part. In the past backing up the trailer has been a challenge and I hope that is all over now.
  7. 3 Camera System

    Had the camera system installed and I picked up the truck yesterday. Really like it. Works as advertised and the installation looks very professional. Looks like it came off the production line with the system installed. If things go as planned, I'll be putting the boat in the water tomorrow. The whole backing down the boat ramp experience has always been a challenge for me so I am hopeful that the cameras will help.
  8. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    I took my boat out of storage last weekend. Plan on putting it in the water for the season tomorrow.
  9. Weirdest new truck feature

    Wasn't difficult at all. Touch the screen twice and it turns it off. I barely broke a sweat. It was unnecessarily time consuming because my owner's manual doesn't match the software they have running on my truck, and that is the same resource the Help Desk used to try to help me turn off the feature. Also, the option of turning off the backseat doesn't always appear. You have to fiddle with it. And how to make it appear isn't in the owner's manual. First world problem. I notice you didn't turn yours off, the salesman did. If I had known I had this feature was on my truck the salesman would have turned it off at my request. Like you say, it isn't tough but the owner's manual and the Help Desk do not help.
  10. Weirdest new truck feature

    I got a new truck last week and I found the backseat warning to be especially annoying. I am past the point in my life where I would be carrying babies so this is a warning that really doesn't apply to me. So, I get where I am going and turn the engine off with the intention of listening to the end of whatever song I have on, and instead the warning interrupts the song. Turning the warning off wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I wound up calling OnStar who forwarded my call to another help desk. The menu they told me to call up isn't on my truck. Kept telling me to call up "Preferences" but I don't have Preferences. I have "Settings" and "Backseat Warning" doesn't appear unless you've just gotten the backseat warning. All I can figure is that there is some variation in software versions used. It took some fiddling around to get the setting right. I know I am reviving an old thread. Hope that isn't a violation of protocol.
  11. Too many forums

    I agree with you. The forum seems over-organized and difficult to use.
  12. 3 Camera System

    Thanks for your input. I did a search and it allayed some of my anxiety. I really like the big mirrors I have now and I didn't want to lose some of the features, like the flashing LEDs and the fold back motors. It looks like I'll still have those features after the cameras are retrofit. And 2017HD is right. The dealers don't know a thing about the 3 camera system. I had to educate one sales manager about it. It is a pricy accessory, but the way I back a boat trailer I'll take the help of having the camera system.
  13. New Member/Old Member

    Thanks folks! Appreciate the warm welcome.
  14. 3 Camera System

    So I bought a new truck last week and opted for the 3 camera trailering system. Getting it installed shortly. Curious if anyone else has the option and how they like it.
  15. New Member/Old Member

    I bought a new Sierra 2500 last week and decided to look into this forum again. I registered in 2004 and never really posted much because I wasn't making a contribution. I was surprised to see that my username and password still work. Regardless, I'll try to check into this forum more often and work harder to stay on top of things.

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