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  1. My wife is part of a large family; eight brothers and sisters. This year they lost a sister in law and a sister. Her brother, who lost his wife, has three adult children and they keep him engaged. Between his kids, his work, and his church he stays busy. We have him over for dinner a couple of times a month. Her brother-in-law, who lost his wife (my wife's sister) is a different story. His 17 year old son is in rehab for the third time this year and they are running out of insurance options. The prevailing fear with this man's son is that he will die soon from either suicide or an overdose. We do our best to maintain contact with this man, but it seems that for the most part he would rather be alone. I get it; it is not my place to judge. We do our best to keep him engaged. Thanks everyone for letting me get that off my chest. I hope you all have a nice Christmas and if the notion strikes you, that you reach out to someone who needs some help.
  2. Not exactly. I've had a number of packages incorrectly delivered to me. Then I hunt down neighbors who normally wouldn't speak to me to deliver their property. All this seems to be getting worse lately. I think they contract out deliveries now as a cost cutting measure. Good luck getting your exhaust. I'd like to hear how it turns out.
  3. Loco-diablo - Love fishing. Absolutely love the time spent out on the water, away from humanity. It is a great time. Tuna on a 21 foot boat has got to be a blast. I have to get my act together and get offshore.
  4. Boston Whaler is a good boat! Congratulations. Do you fish?
  5. I hate that it doesn't have a manual transmission, and that a manual transmission isn't available.
  6. Eureka! I have found it! I found the setting in the truck that enables the mirrors to fold with the fob. I also found a setting called “reverse mirror tilt”. Put the transmission in reverse and the side mirror tilts down to give you a better view of the area to the rear of the truck. It really doesn’t make much of a difference, especially with how I have the mirrors set up. But its all cool. I’ll continue to play with it.
  7. I don't know what to tell you. It's a 2018 Sierra SLT. I hook up the boat trailer, put the transmission in drive, and after a few seconds parking assist turns itself off. I get a message on the DIC and the light on the parking assist switch extinguishes. Since I've seen this thread, I've been playing with the fob and the settings in the truck. I've been able to make the windows go down using the fob. I haven't been able to make the mirrors fold using the fob.
  8. Hook up your boat trailer and parking assist turns itself off.
  9. As of this morning, they say the path has moved south which is good for us. I took the boat out of the water yesterday and conditions were a real mess. We've been under the influence of a different storm for days and the tides are abnormally high. Water over the pier, and pieces of pier already broken off. As big a circus as it was at the boat ramp, everyone was helping each other. That was a pleasant surprise. Prayers for those down in coastal Carolina.
  10. To close the loop on the subject, last weekend we went to the national seashore in Assateague Virginia. It was about 5.5-mile drive across the sand and we had a blast. We found a place that was fairly secluded; we could see other people and if we needed help I am sure they could see us, but otherwise it was like we had a private beach. At the end of the day we had to drive back to the main beach to get out of the park. The main beach was a mad house with every parking space taken, very crowded, game wardens and state police with flashing lights gathered around one car. It all underscored how restful our day at the beach had been. We are doing this again. To get out there I aired down but got impatient, so I went with 50 psi. Promptly got stuck. Aired down to 30 psi and I was OK. Next time I'll take my time and go with 25. A couple of lessons learned. I’m going to get a set of auto deflators. $25 and should make the whole process quicker. Onstar sent an email for each tire saying it was dangerously low on air. I wasn’t expecting that. At the end of the second day when we aired up the horn sounded when the air pressure got up to 60 (70 for the rear tires). How cool was that? What a helpful feature.
  11. Thanks for the input. This is what I was looking for.
  12. Yes, they're stock tires. LT265/60R20. Mid Atlantic beach, Assategue Island. Coarse sand, not like on the gulf coast.
  13. Looking for some advice. What air pressure is recommended to drive on the beach? Just driving out so we can set up camp for the day; do some surf fishing and exploring. Not high speed, high performance 4 wheeling. I have a 2500HD, running 65 psi up front and 75 psi in the rear tires on the road. Appreciate any input.
  14. Snow Shovel

    My wife

    I have a friend who will make an "in your face" kind of announcement that he gets pedicures. He does it to see your reaction. The rest of the story is that he is diabetic and has to periodically get his feet (and his eyes) checked. So every couple of months he and his daughter go in for pedicures. Have to appreciate his way of dealing with the issue. My feet? So ugly they make baby snakes cry.
  15. Honestly, I haven't hooked up the third camera. I've been using the cameras on the side mirrors and I am very happy with the perspective they give. Especially if you extend the mirrors. Also, if I use my turn signal the camera shows me the blind spot on that side of the truck. I like that a lot. Very helpful with day-to-day driving. What I plan on doing is to get a two or three wire connector and temporarily connect the third camera when I need it. I have a spreader light on the top of my boat so I have 12vdc there, just a matter of tapping into it. When I don't need the camera (which would be the normal situation) I would just plug back into the spreader light. Later this summer I plan on trailering the boat to either the eastern shore of Virginia or the outer banks of North Carolina. I'll have the camera system fully hooked up for that.
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