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  1. Seeing how GM has sold over 3 Million of these trucks, the representation on these forums is a small percentage of overall owners and their problems. If you research neutral sources, such as US News Auto, they give the Silverado/Sierra above average reliability and rank it as the #2 full size truck in terms of reliability behind the Tundra. The ford forums like to bash the "Chevy Shake" but conviently ignore the problems many have had with intercoolers and body panel issues with aluminum. As i always say with these questions, if you want to enjoy your truck, or any vehicle, stay off of the forums. Welcome and congrats on your new ride...enjoy.
  2. Wouldnt the same hold true, the more dense the air is, the more drag and resistance to the aerodynamics of your vehicle as well?
  3. Having the 3.08 versus the 3.42s may not be noticeable at sea level, but come here to Colorado, drive both and tell me you can't tell a difference. There's a reason dealers here don't keep the 3.08 on the lot. I agree, while many people can get by with the capability of a full size equipped with tge 3.08s, a V8 eeuipped full size should have more towing capability than a comparable truck equipped with a V6 or midsize; especially if there is no upcharge between the two gear options.
  4. Its always easier to bitch than to praise. These trucks are great for what they do and what they offer.
  5. Then that puts you in the 10% doesn't it...notice how i didn't say all truck drivers, instead i said most. Facts are facts, most people who drive trucks dont need them all the time...good that you have a truck that suits your need.
  6. This thread is funny. People who claim the short bed is worthless need to pull their heads out. Reality is and market trends confirm, 90% of truck owners drive around with an empty bed a vast majority of the time. Dealers keep inventory of what sells. That should tell anyone with common sense that trucks are mostly driven for image. OP, There are CC Standard beds around, but if you are picky on what you are looking for option wise, as others have mentioned, expand tour search to a bigger area; even out f state, or consider ordering exactly what you want from the dealer. I drive by my local dealer lots every couple of weeks and they have a few CC Standard beds on hand, so they are out there.
  7. What make the OEM ones suck? I can attest for the 4 years I had mine on, and they are great. The embossed Chevy Bowtie also adds a nice touch. They are molded into a bowl shape to catch larger objects and look more substantial than both offerings from Weathertech and Husky. The Drilling part help ensures they don't fall off because they are only held on with 3M tape.
  8. I looked at the Bestop at one time. I emailed Real Truck and got a quote for under $700.
  9. lol......I mentioned this earlier, but apparently got dismissed: You can rock the old man truck with the dog or gear in the back, and sport the cool guy truck every other time. https://www.bestop.com/supertop-for-truck/
  10. The OEM mudflaps are nicer but require drilling and the installation of a special nut insert. If you don't want to drill go with either Husky or Weathertech. I have the OEM ones and IMO are way nicer and more rigid than after market.
  11. Been doing my truck twice a year for almost 4 years with no issues. If you think about it, going through a deep puddle or in a car wash with under carriage sprays, water gets on your engine one way or another.
  12. Get the Bestop convertible truck tooper. Folds down when you need the bed and when up provides a nice area for dogs and gear.
  13. I use the do it yourself coun car wash. Just dont blast the engine or electronics up close.
  14. Im in the same boat, unfortunately i dont get a vehicle allowance. Im commuting a little over 60 miles round trip. For me, i consider what mileage im at now (60K) and how much I can get for a trade in right now. Using $60 a week in gas adds up, i could cut that in half. I could move, but im under a lease on my place until October, and i dont know how much longer I'm going to stay in the Springs to make it worth paying to move, plus i currently have a nice place with a good price. I have been looking hard at the subaru crosstrek. It gets close to double the mpgs that my truck gets and its more reasonable for what i need. I love my truck, but it rides empty 99% of the time, so thats a huge considerarion. Subaru dealer offered me $28K for my truck and the crosstrek loaded for $28,400. Ive been going back and forth for weeks. If i ever need a truck, i can rent one from U-Haul or Home Depot for $50. Question is do you really need a truck or do you just like the idea of having a truck?
  15. If a shop vac won't work, try some canned air to blow it out.
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