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  1. I would give the areas you can a go with some rubbing and then polishing compound with light pressure. Some may get to a hairline mark. I have gotten braver over the years with wet sanding and 2000 grit (again real light pressure) followed with polishing. That said, if you can catch your fingernail on it good, neither of these will get it done to your satisfaction. Lastly, I have seen good results with just a re-clear coat and buff on some motorcycle paint jobs I had. Best of luck moving forward.
  2. Re-tune

    If a person is not ass jacking around and breaking crap do to their own ass jackery - 90% chance you will be fine.
  3. 3.23 vs. 3.42 Rear Axle Ratio

    I would prefer the 3.42 for any configuration. If it is not going to be a hwy road trip vehicle, 3.42 all day.
  4. With that camera angle - the RAM looks like one of those sucker fish you put in the tank to eat the poop on the bottom! Nice upgrade.
  5. Anecdotally, when I put an Edelbrock 2.3 on my 2012 Tahoe. No issues for the first couple years. After I sold it too my father, it would randomly throw the same code. He moved to South Dakota and also has to use the more ethanol heavy fuel. Not sure that tripped it, but it was fine in Colorado and started basically after he got there. My tuner said in HP he could turn down the sensitivity and it would stop. Said it was not uncommon especially on 10lbs of boost. It never ran off or bad or did anything once tripped. Just the annoying light. My experience with the issue.
  6. Weird MPG

    Just be sure your measuring it pump to pump as opposed to what the display tells you. You probably are - but making sure.
  7. Simple Fuel Cap

    Mine fits just about right as well. Does not move around and the gas door does not mar the cap. I will probably get a anodized red paint and give it a go. Just scuff it with some 1000 grit and lay down a light coat. I like filling up and proudly displaying the cap for all to see on my bed cover. I get some looks.....
  8. Simple Fuel Cap

    Looking sweet! I will have to work on my color matching.
  9. Anyone who has to ponder a Silverado over a Sierra - should be a Silverado owner. ;)
  10. Cooper AT3's. Second set on two vehicles. Good life, solid winter performance. No added noise. They will pick up pebbles though do to channel size.
  11. Simple Fuel Cap

    99% of my good ideas are second hand my friend!!
  12. Simple Fuel Cap

    So got mine done. Apparently the 2017's are bigger. Took a 2 3/8ths cover. Not Crimson tint coat but its the color I had on hand. Drilled some small holes all around to vent.
  13. Simple Fuel Cap

    Do they come in Crimson Tintcoat? 2 inches is fine - as long as it fits snug.
  14. Nice selection. Love the Tundra for several reasons - but could not get past the crappy mpg. And the LS offers better price point mod options (as does a GM in general).
  15. Metability, no Sir. That was accomplished within the HP tuner capabilities. I considered a true shift kit, but with the right nerd behind the laptop - never an issue. The speed shop owner said his 2010 Tahoe with the same trans held up until he got to about 600rwtrq. Then he broke a gear in the differential. Replaced it and pressed on. Even when he swapped out to a 408 stroker twin turbo pushing just over 900rwhp- he just modified the torque management again and has been good to go. I think he does all of his heavy throttle at speed and roll racing sports car. Not a lot of digs and burnouts. Purpose tuning was key.

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