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  1. Yes it is an LS engine. Just no cool LS1, LS2, LS3, LS7 designation.
  2. 17 Sierra 5.3, 6L80, 3.42s. 21-22 at 70mph on trips. Mid 18s in town. CAI, Catback Borla and custom HP tune.
  3. Agree with some above that 6K lbs is a good sweet spot. I have the load stabalizers for my leaf springs and it makes a lot of difference. The 5.3 can handle it. Its the Z-71 suspension that needs a spot. If you can keep it level and not below - good barometer.
  4. Just saw an X-31, crew cab, 6.2. today in Rapid City. Red. Nice
  5. Was neck and neck with the Tundra. Could not get past the Toyota MPG though. As for the 5.3 bashers - get over yourselves. That little pseudo 327 SBC is a peach. The 2014 power bump and the 15 forward better throttle mapping make it a solid choice for anyone pulling 6K lbs or less or infrequently. With a catback exhaust/CAI and hp tune, I run heads up with new 5.7 hemis and still pull better mpg. And it won't brake the bank to repair comparatively.
  6. 1000 then 2000 wet sand. Then metal polish. It will be a little shinier - but not from 10 feet. Good luck. I think you found your new winter rims.
  7. Agree with those who support the 6L80. Local speed shop owner ran over 550rwhp with a good TCM tune for many miles on a 2010 version in his tahoe. Not until he went to over 600rwhp did anything break and that was a gear in the diff. I would say your hp goal makes it untenable in stock form. But for most - tune and press on.
  8. 409. Had to shed the aluminum shields and springs. But no longer needed.
  9. I changed mine at 28K. Way early I know. But I don't wait until 40K to change my 40K tires either. I like things to be closer to optimum. I also went with the Taylor 10mm fatty plug wires. Mostly for looks. But I did notice a minuscule improvement in throttle response off idle. I get bored ;)
  10. 17 Sierra SLE Z71. No issues. 35psi. Stock stance. If I ever feel it is getting harsh, I go drive a Tundra TRD . Then I feel better again.
  11. Maybe if they did a Cabelas/Bass Pro effort. Keep originality, just a HQ merger.
  12. Nice color. They really should make other state additions. The Texas model should have chewing tobacco streaks in vinyl on the drivers side door. The Alabama model would have it on both
  13. Mine has a dealer installed, form fitting Lund. Love it.
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