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  1. Simple Fuel Cap

    So got mine done. Apparently the 2017's are bigger. Took a 2 3/8ths cover. Not Crimson tint coat but its the color I had on hand. Drilled some small holes all around to vent.
  2. Simple Fuel Cap

    Do they come in Crimson Tintcoat? 2 inches is fine - as long as it fits snug.
  3. Nice selection. Love the Tundra for several reasons - but could not get past the crappy mpg. And the LS offers better price point mod options (as does a GM in general).
  4. Metability, no Sir. That was accomplished within the HP tuner capabilities. I considered a true shift kit, but with the right nerd behind the laptop - never an issue. The speed shop owner said his 2010 Tahoe with the same trans held up until he got to about 600rwtrq. Then he broke a gear in the differential. Replaced it and pressed on. Even when he swapped out to a 408 stroker twin turbo pushing just over 900rwhp- he just modified the torque management again and has been good to go. I think he does all of his heavy throttle at speed and roll racing sports car. Not a lot of digs and burnouts. Purpose tuning was key.
  5. Agree with swathdiver. Exhaust (catback at least) wont gain much, but will get you the sound you may want. I ran 10lbs boost with a Edelbrock SC on a 2012 Tahoe 5.3. Now, I'm at 7000ft, so was still missing some of the dyno corrected 429rwhp and 469rwtq. Dad has had it at 3000ft for a year and still no issues. I did add chrome moly push rods and ARP head bolts - but that LS is tough. As for the transmission, with some torque management mods to limit first and second gear a little and stiffer shifting - zero issues 20K miles later. Just my experience.
  6. A custom tune with HP tuners. Your in Vegas so I imagine a dyno tune shop exists. It will free up torque being held back in stock tune. And remapping the AF mixture. Likely not to lose any mpg with this route. I would guess a $600 endeavor. One option.
  7. Lots of sound advise being given. I would add that providing the video to law enforecement and them giving her a citation is critical. Then the fault is codified for all. As for your insurance. if they are in agreement that she is at fault clearly, they should not ask you to pony up a cent as they persue the guilty party. I have USAA and that is how it played out. The citation was the key.
  8. I went similar but wanted more lift height.
  9. Is it the ambient air temperature sensor?
  10. Yes, see my last post on page 1. Trans is more responsive for sure.
  11. At 21K miles on my 2017 5.3, 3.42. Always check mileage at the pump as computer is 1.3 mpg optimistic. The closer to empty it gets, the more accurate the read. In my daily commute, I get 18mpg. 14 miles one way that is 70% at 65mph and 30% neighborhood and town. Winter takes me down to 17mpg. Driving to South Dakota at an average of 70mph, I got 21-22mpg with a light load (2 people, 3 small dogs, 300lbs cargo). I recently got an 87 octane tune with AFM off (CAI/Borla touring). Same trip was 19.3 and 19.4 coming and going, but temps were 20 degrees and below. I anticipate hitting 20-21 in warmer weather. Still observing new commute mpg, but winter temps will effect.
  12. Just noticed on the side view - the 19 in that color is starting to look a little Tundra-ish in the hips and mid section .
  13. Fuel Range

    The initial range could be based on a predetermined mpg estimate. Something to consider despite the number - is based on actually mileage being accomplished , the range will not countdown concurrently with road miles traveled, ajusting along the way. Apologies if that was already obvious.

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