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  1. Thanks, I used to work for the magazines, so that's a great compliment! Here is a rear shot with the dog crate.
  2. Actual pics? Those are actual pics of my truck... No, zero, zilch, nada vibrations at all and the transmission is working very well. Granted, it has 288 miles on it so far but I actually really like the 8-speed for shift quickness. I think it doesn't suit some peoples driving style but I've had no trouble.
  3. Interest and views but not sold yet. Let's drop these to $800 SHIPPED and get them to their new owner!
  4. Yeah, I loved it. I believe they do make one for the fold-up console too, check out their site.
  5. It's essentially the same size as the stock box, minus the thickness for the steel. It's a flush fit to the sides of the stock box. Not sure on the actual dimensions, but it fits A LOT of stuff!
  6. Selling an awesome Lock'er Down center console safe for K2XX trucks with the center (complete) console. This safe is an excellent condition and comes with the tool to reset the code to your preference and the bolts. Watch this to see the safe in action - Paid 269.00 - selling for $200 SHIPPED to you door.
  7. Brand new, in the box, never installed Fox 2.0 shocks for sale. Bought from MRT Motorsports on April 4th, shipped to my house and stored in my basement. Sold my truck for a ZR2 so I no longer need these shocks... they will be awesome for someone! Part Number - 985-02-018-FULLSET Fox Performance Series 2.0 Suspension System 2007+ Chevrolet / GMC 1500 0-2"+ Lift Includes 2x 985-02-018 & 2x 980-24-660 Front & Rear Kit Paid 910.00 from MRT, will sell for $825.00 SHIPPED to your door.
  8. Well, I'm out. Traded the GMC in on a new truck and I am very happy about it. Good luck guys - I really, really, really hope we do end up finding a solution...
  9. I'm so frustrated with the vibration (now 57,000 miles worth of vibrating) but I can't find a good solution... Looked at a ZR2 today but... hmmmmm I can't believe we haven't figured this out yet!
  10. I am very happy with my ATC top. No leaks, the windows are great, and it does everything I need it to do. I would recommend the ATC to a friend, and even as a used item, it's treated me well.
  11. Are these for Aluminum or Steel LCAs?
  12. Yeah, they have some waves, pretty normal. I think the really really nice ones are closer to perfect but as Deadeye said, they seem to vary by cap to cap. No big deal, imo.
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