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  1. The guy told me changing mufflers mean changing back pressure which = voided warranty haha but I think I'm gonna do the stuff anyway I have the truck now just to get it how I want it...
  2. Thanks everyone and 02SuburbanZ71 I am thinking about talking to Justin at black bear, but how dou reach him??
  3. OK so let's set the scene. This weekend my buddy and I took our for wheelers out for a ride he has a 96 f150. Me I was in my 13' Silverado. We both had our four wheelers in the bed. And both are 700 yamaha grizzlys. So at the stop at the stop light he started power braking the f150. Not to be shown up I tried in my truck it would start to lift up and wouldn't spin a freakin bit. I had only been holding the brake enough to not roll forward. Shouldn't it have spun????? Traction and stability were off...
  4. Thanx for that guys apparently my dealers around here are dicks they say anything will void warranty. And that's what I bought the truck for haha
  5. So few months back I bought a 2013 Silverado. I was wanting to put a leveling kit and dual exhaust. The big Q is will this void my warranty????
  6. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone else has had the idea. I just recently bought a 13 model 1500 (new closeout) and was wondering if you could put the 14 bumper on?? Thanks in advance Kyle
  7. Want duals on my 13' 5.3 but don't want much more noise in the cab. Hoping to find something that sound awesome outside just not so much in. Thanks in advance for any help! Kyle
  8. Thank you leveling kit is in route and wheels and three soon to come along with exhaust tuner tint and a few others
  9. Got a new one! Although its a 5.3 ext cab it will be a good one.
  10. I like the 14 look but I've found good deals on 5.3 13's play in it buy year best deal will win
  11. That's what I've decided. I would like a 6.2 tho , but you can't have your cake and eat it.
  12. Thanx for the info I have some deciding to do. I am thinking I'd rather have the 6.2. Which I cannot find in a 13 model but I don't want the top trim either.....
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