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  1. I would rock the roll bar. I hope that makes it to the GM accessories catalog. It beats cutting up your front grill for a light bar. Plus the higher you get your off road lights the better. Thumbs up from me.
  2. The kicker hideaway has a speaker level input sense circuit. So basically it auto turns on, when you turn on your radio. No blue wire needed [emoji4]
  3. Nope, my SLE All Terran with Bose labeled on the front door speakers didn't have the amp or the wiring for the amp either. The back cab insulation had vents and was bubbled out to fit the amp. But no wiring. I had to splice into the rear door speaker.
  4. This was fairly easy to install. The under seat storage box is the one you can get from the gmc oem parts catalog. I mounted the sub with two traps and four screws. The kicker kit comes with a cut out template to show you where to screw the four mounting screws. I tapped into the passenger side rear speaker wire and ran bass boost knob to the driver side center console storage slot so I can adjust the bass level on the fly. The power wire I ran along the passenger side and into the engine bay by drilling a hole on the passenger side foot well. Others have taken a close hanger poke threw the existing rubber grummit. I looked at doing this but between my big hands and lack of a clear view of what I was doing under there I decided to drill my own hole. I terminated the power on the power block above the battery. All the wiring was just long enough without having to add any length to the kits wire.
  5. Here is what I ended up doing with my SLE. It's a Kicker Hideaway 8" powered sub. It fits great with the under seat storage and sounds good.
  6. One more vote for husky weather beater floor liners. I have a set in mine and I am very happy with the coverage.
  7. Ok, this post made me join the forum. I just purchased my truck last week and I was wondering why my Bose sucked so much. Here is what I found. I have a 2014 gmc sierra SLE All-Terrain edition w/bucket seats and full center console. My door speaker grilles have the Bose emblems. When I go to my driver side door and pull the 30amp "amp" fuse nothing changes on the sound quality of my radio. I then crawled under the rear crew cab seats and no amp. I think several people including my self, have seen the Bose front door speakers thinking they have the full Bose system but in reality they do not. At least that's what I've found on my truck. By the way guys thanks for posting pictures, this is a great forum. It kept me from ripping out my center console to fix a sub that I didn't even have :-).
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