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  1. Finally got my 2017 all set up. Went with 20"x9" Fuel Mavericks gloss black w/ 33" Atturo trail blade MT's, 2.5 Motofab level kit. No rubbing at all.
  2. I had that happen with my 2014 a few times. I turned the Bluetooth off and back on and it would resolve it. Never found out what the issue was. So far no issue with that in my 2017.
  3. So is most people running the 285/65/18 vs. 275/70/18? is that because the 275/70/18 is narrower?
  4. Hello, so I have a question a search didn't answer, people with experience please help, I am looking to get as close to a 33" and hopefully close to 10.5"-11.0" wide tire on the factory Z71 18" wheels. I have a 2.5" level kit on my 2017. Does anyone have any info and experience on what tire would be the right size?
  5. Is there any ride or performance or wear difference between the 2.5" level kits like Motofab that load one side of the coil vs RC which does 2" on one side and .5 on the other?
  6. Yikes that sucks! And is disturbing to be honest......I just got a 2017 and so far so good thank god.
  7. Wow this sucks.....mine has had that ticking noise at idle and running for as long as I can remember. I have heard other 5.3's that have done the same. I assumed it was normal? My truck has 32k on it and it runs perfectly fine. Now I am wondering if I should take it in?
  8. That's crazy........just when GM seemed to locking up the industry they pull this.......not good at all IMO......
  9. I am not sure what failed. The dealer said one of the bearings failed. Thanks for the offer but they are redoing the rear end under warranty. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow.
  10. My first brand new truck in my 41 years on this earth. I don't mind the occasional recalls, I understand they happen, I didn't even mind my rear end output driveline seal failing and leaking and getting that replaced. But my rear end failed at 17k miles? Wow. My truck is beyond babied and highway commuted and I have only put it 4wd once, just to test it after the transfer case recall. I really hope this is the end of the problems. I don't get it?!
  11. Sorry I have been offline for a few days. Here are my Fuels 20x9 +1 offset.
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