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  1. Well all the best to you with your new family on the way. Oh and with your truck as well....! Hope your engine issues are behind you now. Thxs
  2. If they installed the wrong camshaft, then there could be damage to the engine's head or piston now? Rule of a mechanic check parts that they are similar, and have the correct part numbers for your engine! Sounds like your being kept in the dark regarding your engine troubles. Good luck
  3. My guess is an injector issue, or possibly they mixed up some lifter on the new install!
  4. Act now! Mileage will hurt above 20k Best of luck.
  5. There has been many people with this problem still, in fact the new "yoke" propeller shafts have a nickle coating to alleviate this known issue but still the issue is active for many. Drop your driveshaft use a small amount of anticease paste retest, and your issue should be gone! Good luck
  6. Have they checked, and have ruled out your "slip yoke" spline is binding! This could be your issue here!This will make a clunk sound sometimes while starting off, and stoping, and it sometimes will feel as if your truck has been tapped from behind by a car! Also your vibration may now be related to pinion angle not correctly set from the rear end replacement. Worth a look at these known issues. Google "slip yoke GM problem" Good luck
  7. In your CAMVAP application ask that an "independent" licensed mechanic review your case, also have the CAMVAP Arbitrator drive along with you to experience this your truck's vibrations. Video and a time line journal of events is key here to win your case! GM what the f*** fix your truck's from shaking. Best of luck!
  8. I hope they/you drive some other trucks to compare, then you will have a good argument. Best of luck to ya!
  9. Just trying to help you out, this does fix some peoples issues though! What's your service dealer saying about your issue? Good luck
  10. Here you go possibly your issue.....http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?s=Check+valve&search=Search Good luck
  11. Fuel pressure check valve line, located at rear of engine closer to the right side.This will make a rattling noise when check valve is defective. Check valve is located inside this short fuel line piece. Hope this helps you find your issue, not gonna claim that this is your problem though but a possibility! Here you go for a read http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?s=Check+valve&search=Search Good luck
  12. In that TSB it also says the piston would be steamed cleaned from the coolant mix. I would start with a borescope camera inspecting the cylinders piston crown through the spark plug holes for cleanest. One or 2 of the pistons will show very clean compared to the other 6 if you have an internal block, or head leak. Good luck
  13. There was an issue with some torque converter failures. The cause I believe was hairline fractures, that may have been caused by bad machining, or weakened welds? There was a TSB on the issue. Not sure of the TSB number, or year and range though. Also there were some solenoid known failures as well. Good luck
  14. Inspect your spark plug from that cylinder......you may find oil? Thxs
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